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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dustin's Dreamer Does It Again!

Horse Show Update - Dustin's Dreamer
Sat. 7am- time to leave for the horse show!
Dreamer is asleep in his stall- yes laying down sound asleep.. it took a few minutes to get him up. He must have played with the gang last night while out in the pasture..
Wow what a scorcher it was at the show!! It was really hot at the McDonogh- Balto County show today. Dustin's Dreamer did really well however, I noticed the judge was pinning an awful lot of chestnuts!!! (everyone is entitled to their favorites!)
He ended up Reserve Champion (to a chestnut of course) in the Open 3 ft Division. Won the 1st jumping class, 2nd in the other and 5th in the flat class.
He got a 6th and 8th in the Low Division - the chestnuts really ruled there!!
Good day - $10 coming to Angel Acres from Dustin's Dreamer .... check him out on You Tube...

Dustin's Dreamer donates $10 for every blue ribbon to Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue on behalf of those horses that get sent to slaughter. He would have been one if he had not been rescued by my friend Dustin...
All the best, Fran

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