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Monday, March 30, 2009

Press Release Parelli Celebration & Angel Acres!

The HSUS and Parelli Natural Horsemanship Join Forces in Celebration of Horses April 17-19

(March 26, 2009) – The Humane Society of the United States and world-renowned natural horsemanship trainers, Pat and Linda Parelli, will again join forces to spotlight the trainability and intelligence of rescued horses: this time in Harrisburg, Pa.

The HSUS is working with Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue to help a horse in need of training through a three-day development program with Pat Parelli. The featured horse at the Harrisburg event is expected to be a stunning 11-year-old thoroughbred mare rescued from a killer buyer at a Pennsylvania horse auction.

DATE: Friday, April 17-19, 2009

TIME: Doors open at 8 a.m. and the celebration begins at 9:30 a.m.

LOCATION: PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center Large Arena 2300 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, PA 17110-9443


Media Contact: Pepper Ballard: 301-258-1417;

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization – backed by 11 million Americans, or one of every 28. For more than a half-century, The HSUS has been fighting for the protection of all animals through advocacy, education and hands-on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty -- On the web at

If you would rather not receive future email messages from Humane Society of the United States, let us know by clicking here.Humane Society of the United States, 2100 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037 United States

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tippy Update!

An update on Tippy Tooz...he is doing very well in his new home!

Photos below are from last month!

WOW! He looks Ah-Maz-Ing!!

Thanks so much to Kristin for giving this sweet guy a loving home!
Jo :o)

Friday, March 27, 2009 post by marie for angel acres!

Angel Acres is a truly wonderful shelter and by a caring and devoted president...Jo Deibel.

This is a place where abused, injured and unwanted horses get a second chance at life. Instead of being inhumanely slaughtered for overseas human consumption, these lucky horses now can live out their natural lives in forever homes.

Learning about the horrors that over 100,000 horses face each year, it was impossible to turn my back on these amazing creatures. Only rarely does the public hear about these horses...a large percentage of them being ex-racehorses that have literaly "run" out of time.

Maybe they didn't earn enough or maybe they did make hundreds of thousands for their owners but then started to lose more races than not, or were just completely worn out and broken. It is heartbreaking to watch the video of what becomes of most of these horses...being brought to auction, not being given water or food, being bought by 'Kill buyers', hoarded onto overcrowded trailers only to travel countless hours...still with no food or their incredibly inhumane death.

Tears sting my eyes as I write they did when I first learned of this last year. I couldn't turn away. I had to do something....anything to help out these horses. Luckily I found Angel Acres on the internet and have become a supporter, doing and giving what I can to help make a difference.

I hope and pray that this little rescue wins the Shelter Makeover contest so that they get a chance to give hundreds more horses their second chance at life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WOW Post From Pepper!

From the web site by Pepper! we are once again, humbled...thank you for your kindness Pepper!

If you love pets, and horses in particular, you will love Jo Deibel and Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue!

Angel Acres is in southern PA and is beautifully nestled in the farmlands that surround it. The area around it is gorgeous for horses to romp, gallup and enjoy! Jo is the surrogate mom for all the horses there...caring for them as though they were babies. And even though they are not babies, they need that tender loving care that Jo gives so well. Jo rushes to the aide of horses that have been abused, abandoned, injured and marked for slaughter. Some have physical problems, some have hearts that have been hurt. ALL need a good home!

Jo takes care of all the horses that she rescues, they are kept clean, well fed, well housed and most of all LOVED! When the horse is ready, Jo reluctantly says good-bye with a kiss on the nose! You see, she has found them a good home with folks who will love and care for them for the rest of their lives. Just as Jo has cared for them while they were at Angel Acres!

I have seen Jo on her hands and knees in a pasture, picking out every twig and pebble. She is a very hands-on person, putting up fences, grading a soon-to-be pasture, running the office, answering phones, interviewing prospective adopters, running to the store for a much need item for a new horse, meeting with the vet and farrier and attending events featuring horse rescues! But she still has time for every horse, every day!

As wonderful as her rescue is, she could really use some help with a make-over! A Zootoo make-over! She has made it into the top 20 and I think she and all her horses who will pass through Angel Acres deserve it!

Jo has a very loyal following....I have adopted three Thoroughbreds from her! She never forgets their names or mine! In fact, she can tell you everything about every horse who has had the pleasure to meet her. She is kind and loving--the horses know it, even the new horses come when she calls their names.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jo through a fellow "Fan of Barbaro" and my life has never been the same! She hooked me up with the very best horses for me (TooProud, Dil and Royal Good) and now we are all the happiest family ever! Jo has grown her rescue piece by piece from the ground up. I cannot think of anyone who is more in love with their work! She truly cares for her horses! As soon as they see her, they all start to whinny or snort....and it's not because it's feeding's because they love her too!

If you have love in your heart and room on your property, consider talking to Jo about Angel Acres. Horseback riding can be for everyone. My husband and I are very relaxed, easy-going riders--out for a mid-morning ride around our property on the weekends. Other riders may like the dressage route. Either way, Jo has been taking care of that perfect horse for you! Just give her a call!

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is SUPER!!

angel acres supporter post from

This is more than a contest for a shelter makeover for Angel Acres, its a chance to change the fate of hundreds of thousands of horses!! THIS contest could help save many horses by putting Angel Acres in the TOP 10!!!

I believe that Angel Acres is making huge strides in raising awareness about horse slaughter, neglect and abuse. There is a great need for people to know what happens to horses when they are not wanted anymore by their owners.

Many are thrown away and suffer a terrible fate - death by slaughter, or being trampled to death on a trailer over crowded with horses. The people running literally have the ability to change the view of the nation in one fell swoop!!!!!

posted by automonkey08

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poignant Post from Caron - Horse Rescue

Taken from the Shelter Makeover Journal Section...reprinted here in its entirety...

Im an animal lover, period. I fill my home and heart with wayward cats and dogs and now a couple of horses. I had the farrier out the other day to trim the girls. I always looked at him as a caring old cowboy..a man I could trust his judgement. Afterall he is a man that loves horses. He said something that day about my girls that cast a black cloud on my thoughts of not only him but the attitude of many.

Horses. They dont come by us cheap thats for sure. Not only their cost to purchase but also to care, feed and shelter. More then any other animal we bring into our lives. We train them and show them and race them and maybe even make an income from them. What I dont get is how quickly and often we let them go without a blink of an eye or a care as to their final trading in last years model of car for the new shiny one on the dealers lot. As a little girl what I would have given to have even one of those horses we would see out in the fields as we drove down the highways.

How lucky those people were to have them in their lives. I would draw them on my schoolwork or anywhere there was a blank surface and when I played, I was the most glorious of horses running with my mane flowing and my hooves pounding a beat of a beautiful song on the earth..just like they have done since the beginning of time. Thats the sound that makes your heart pound and your blood race thru your veins. Never can you feel more alive then you do when you witness such a beautiful sight.

As an animal artist, Ive done a lot of study on all these creatures-horses, cats, dogs...-how they think, act and re-act and their relationship with man. The one I always found so profound was the horse. The way they communicate without speaking and listen to our souls. They know our thoughts and feelings often long before we even do. They are a creature that bond not only with each other but also with us. Often if allowed, for life.

They can reach out to the most troubled of souls and those that are so misunderstood by society and accept them as they are for they lay no judgement. Now that I have been blessed to have not one but two in my life, I cant begin to express the feeling I get when I am with them..heck even thinking of them.

Craig finished shodding Lena and came out of her stall chuckling and shaking his head. "Shes a got some issues."

I piped up in quick response,"Yep, she has spunk and personality". And that she truly does. I couldnt help but feel a warning to be defensive. She came from a bad place. A place of brutal old ways and lack of compassion and whether she 'acquired' her behavior there or has carried it with her her whole life, only she knows.

But she is who she is and although she does have a few bad habits that she can do without, I really wouldnt want her any other way. She just wouldnt be Lena..Our other girl, a blind Paint mare had her turn next. It didnt go so well but we didnt expect it to. She also came from the same bad place and had lived a miserable life.

Her blindness is not from genes but rather from the hands of man. It was Jo of Angel Acres that really held my hand and gave moral support while I went thru the process of trying to rescue her from this place. She has come a long way that girl has. We have our good days and our bad, but no matter what she is loved. They are loved.

"Just a couple of misfits. That one(meaning Lena)just sell her back to where you got her and this one(the blind one) is no good for nothin. You wouldnt get anything for her so best just to let her go to slaughter and get yourself a couple of good horses. Just throwing good money after bad".

These words fell hard on my ears. This was a man that loved horses. He LOVES horses and so easily those words rolled off his lips. I was flabbergasted "No" I said. "Thats not the way it works here. They are part of our family and as with each family member we take the good with the bad". And that was the end of least for my horses.

With our recent involvement in the 'horse world', it started to become so clear and common how many horses never see a forever home. How quickly they are turned over or forgotten. It also brought to light the horrible fate that a lot of them endure thru no fault of their own. Ending up on dinner plates of the elite in European countries by being bought up by the kill buyers at the livestock auctions.

These have been our companions. They have carried us, worked for us, listened to us and forgave us time and time again and this is our gratitude. I took a bit of a hiatus from my art but upon returning to it this past year, I joined up with Artists United for Animal Rescue. We are a group of artists that donate proceeds from our art to benefit animal rescue charities that work to save unwanted and abused victims.

It has been thru my involvement with helping these charities that I met Jo of Angel Acres Horse Rescue. I have both great respect and admiration for Jo. For she gets into the heart of it and does what I only wish I could do physically. Whether it be one horse or a 100 horses, she works day and night to give these companions of ours a new chance on life. To save them from the abusers, to save them from a sad life of neglect and to save them from the slaughter houses. I can only imagine the emotional toll it must take to be in the forefront.

Just getting our Cherokee from a life that was not nearly as dismal of what some of these horses she rescues is, I found to be so physically and emotionally draining. And yet day after day, she rises to head out to save another and do it all over again. She is driven by their heart and soul to save all that she can. A true hero in my book.

Sadly sometimes a person can only do so much when accommodations and money dictate your capability. And I dont want to ever imagine the emotional toll it must take to have to turn your heart away from one that needs you because you dont have the means to do something.
It is for all of this that I support whole heartedly the cause, efforts and commitment of Angel Acres.

As one more sad soul is loaded off the rescue trailer at Angel Acres the rest of the herd watch on with anticipation. His frail frame from lack of food fights to make every step, and the look in his eye dark as his hopes and dreams faded over the years. His master loved him....once. The crew again get set to work the long hours it will take to bring his body, mind and soul back to what it once was...if they can.

Next to that is another trailer just returning from the auctions. Out comes a beautiful mare due to give birth in only a few short weeks. She was saved from the kill buyers and destined to be slaughtered. Out in the pasture a beautiful song beats on the earth as the herd gallops now full of life. They all were once greeted by the Angels and rejoice that two more this day will join them.......for thats the way it works here...

Caron WiedrickRealism Animal ArtistArts of Eden <>

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Habitat For Horses & Angel Acres!

As many of you know Angel Acres and Habitat For Horses have each made it to the Top 20 in the makeover contest. We (HfH and AAHHR) are hoping that we each make it to the top 10...imagine what good we could do to raise awareness about horse slaughter and other issues! But, if only one of us makes it, and the other doesn't, each will have the others 100% support...including my happy dance, if need be! LOL!

But, I wanted to share a conversation that is happening right now on the web on...some folks (am referring to Sissi V who started the conversation)...just don't understand working together for a single cause...together we can move mountains, alone, we will stagnate and fail...

Fron the web site in the Habitat For Horses Fan Club:

First let me say that in no way, shape, or form do I want to diminish any of the wonderful work Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue does, but I am just really wondering how a tiny organization like this could end up in 14th place? Somebody must have been online 24/7. They currently have EIGHT available horses listed for adoption. Their name was mentioned in an article on "The" on 3/17/09.
Started by SISSI V. (sissiv) 1 day ago

1st reply...
Hi,Thank you for your post and your wonderful complement! We actually have 30 horses in the program and work across the nation to help horses. We are members, as is Habitat For Horses, of the Homes For Horses Coalition (I am a steering committee member) and strive to raise awareness about horse slaughter and the need for owner responsibility.

We are blessed to have a very dedicated group of supporters who worked so hard to land us in the 12th position (not 14th). Also, we have been at it since DAY 1 and have recruited people quite literally, daily.We have several remote facilities and take our time placing horses, many of which never make it to web site are adopted before we have a chance to list them.JoAngel Acres Horse Haven Rescue
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by Jo D. (angelacreshorsehaven)
on Mar 20, 2009 at 6:34pm
I also just checked...oddly enough...we both have 519 affiliattes!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!
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by RemarkablySpecial
on Mar 20, 2009 at 6:48pm
You may not have intended for your statement to diminish or cause harm to Angel Acres, but it certainly seems to imply that the supports of this rescue where some how less than honest.<>As you can probably guess our family adopted a horse from Angel Acres in October of 2006 and we have been faithful supporters, reading the news letters, sending Jo Deibel photos and up dates, donating money and even going to the Maryland State Fair (we live in NJ) to support them.
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by RemarkablySpecial
on Mar 20, 2009 at 6:55pm
I'll confess (Jo close your eyes or you'll never speak to me again) that while I joined to help Angel Acres, it was a while before I actually started posting. Once my daughter figured out how to work things, I posted every day, usually earning the maximum number of points possible for that day.

When I posted I tried to make intelligent comments, offer advice from personal experience, add quality photos & videos, reviewed only items and businesses that I was truly familiar with and in my journal entries I tried to be both educational and entertaining. I often posted more photos and videos (and continue to do so) than I was able to receive points for, because I wanted to be an active member of Zootoo and not just participate during the contest. While I wasn't on 24/7 (I am a busy person) I did make it a priority. Had Angel Acres not been involved in the contest I would have supported a different horse rescue because it's so hard for us to compete with the dog/cat rescues.
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by R.T. F. (rtfitch)
on Mar 21, 2009 at 12:40am
Hi Sissi;As in all volunteer organizations, there may be great numbers of members but there is always a handful that work the issue 24/7. Be it a church, a PTA or your local High School Band, there is a "nut", core of people who sweat blood and make things happen.

That's okay as some people belong and pay membership fees to support the org...that's good...some join to learn more about the main topic of interest of the org...sem problema...and the list continues, but there are some who join to make a difference, to take a stand and to leave a legacy which will long outlive their membership. It does not take many people with that sort of drive to make a difference.

It's not about numbers, it is about commitment...and both of these horse rescues have people with that level drive, otherwise, neither of us would be where we are.R.T.
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by Jerry F. (jfinch)
on Mar 21, 2009 at 8:24pm
Angel Acres is driven by Jo, who is perhaps even more committed to making this world better for horses than am I, and I am committed to this cause completely. The Homes for Horses Coalition's basic premise is working together, side by side, be it starvation cases, race track rejects or fighting the slaughter of horses.

If both of us make it into the top ten, we'll do battle with the numbers and we'll have fun doing it, but if only one of us makes it, the other will support the top ten winner 100%. What they do is just as important as what HfH does. Be it 30 horses, 300 horses or just one horse, a horse's life has been saved and given another chance.

That's the true bottom line. I seriously hope both of us make it into the Top Ten because it will draw attention to the horses, to the starvation and cruelty, to the slaughter issue and to the efforts of both our organizations to educate and responsible horse ownership.
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by Jo D. (angelacreshorsehaven)
on Mar 21, 2009 at 11:11pm
Thank you Jerry for your wonderful post. I think that HfH is truly a fabulous group! If HfH is in the Top 10, you will have all of the Angel Acres gang voting for you, lookout... we can get rowdy!! lolI truly hope that both of us make it, we can do so much together to raise awareness to help the horses, and have a blast doing it!Here's to seeing you Las Vegas!Thank you so much, truly from the bottom of my heart,Jo :o)

Yvonne Hazelton: Equestrian Paintings & Animal Portraits

It's Sunday...and I just got finished shedding out 5 horses this morning, yikes its almost 2pm, where has the day gone?! I shedded enough hair to make a 6th horse! LOL!

I wanted to post this link...a FABULOUS artist will be donating a portrait or commissioned painting for one of our upcoming fundraisers! Her work is simply beautiful. Be sure to check Yvonne Hazelton out at this web site...

Big Thanks to Yvonne!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Todays Horsey Quote From Fran...

"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and, once it has done so, he will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby New Year!

Baby New Year is doing great!

She is really starting to fill out and has been starting to trot for the first time since she arrived here on New Years Day!

New pics tomorrow...she is really shedding out and behaving very well.

Have a happy day everyone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Visits Angel Acres

Check out the press release on the

We are in the running for the $1 million makeover contest!!

Stay tuned for my happy dance!


Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, thanks to everyone who helped us in the contest!

We are now in the semi-finals and have a shot at the million dollar makeover.

Thank you to everyone who zootoo'd with injuries, boo boos, the flu, colds, hay fever, babysitting, while at work (I aint telling lol), at airport (wink, wink), at the Panera Bread, and on and on and on...


We will keep you posted on the most recent happenings at Angel sure to watch for Spring Time events too!