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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby New Year Update - 1 Year Later - Ready For New Life :o)

Baby New Year upon her arrival at Angel Acres on January 1, 2009

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This is Baby New Year on the day she was saved from the abuse and neglect she was subjected too...after...say it with me..."she was given to a friend, who was gonna use her for trail riding"

NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE YOUR HORSE AWAY...without doing some soul-searching, lots of research and reference and background checks. You can even download and use our application for adoption if you want!!

When she arrived, she was loaded with worms, her coat was horrible and full of rain rot and scabs, we had the vet out and he scored her a 1.5 on the scale, her teeth were jagged and sharp and she had been eating manure (literally) to survive. She had NO fat anywhere and had the clothes hanger butt going on...not pretty...

Click HERE for her original story and short video clip.

Where she lived 2 other horses and several ponies STARVED to death. How
do you starve a pony to death, they get fat just looking at a half a cup of grain! Her feet were horribly overgrown and the life was gone from her eyes...the vet believes she was days from dying. Needless to say, no shots, no care, nothing but agony and misery for this sweet girl.

I listened to this mare scream, literally scream, for an ENTIRE Week...why you ask, was she screaming? Because the other horses were eating grain and she could only have small amounts of good hay and water. It was heart breaking to listen to, this is an 18 year old mare, she did not deserve the treatment she got from her owners.

But you know us...we like HAPPY ENDINGS....SOOOO....


Baby New Year One Year Later!


She is sound and ready for her next shot at life...she was (if you can believe this) giving pony/horse rides to kids at a local fair!! She is currently getting back into work and LOVES her barn-mates and the Angel Acres volunteers...please call if you might be willing to open your heart and barn to this girl!

Big thanks to Tom and Fran for helping to get this girl to safety!

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