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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Thoroughbred: Your Next Sport Horse! reply to the most recent Angel Acres email....

Angel Acres believes wholeheartedly that rescue horses CAN have a fantastic second career!

Not all rescue horses are crippled and old with one hoof on a banana peel!

We, Angel Acres, rescue horses that are sound, sane and healthy with tons of potential, and most are pulled from the kill pen. We are working hard to dispel the currently, more often than not, believed myth that "there must be something wrong if he/she was in the kill pen"...usually the reason is they are not fast enough to earn their keep in the racing world.

Take a look at Preston, Tango (shown at left), Cuddles...all were in a heap of trouble i.e. kill pen or on the way there without swift intervention...all sane, sound and extremely ridable! Preston is a 1st level dressage horse, Tango is simply gorgeous and amazing!

Check out Markie on this blog...pulled from the kill pen for $325 now a $30,000+ show horse (with a fantastically wonderful family who loves her to pieces) on the A-Circuit in New Jersey...I could show you example after example.

We (as many of you know) concentrate on OTTB's and we feel that the majority of them can go onto wonderful, fantastic second careers!

So please stop by our site, check out our program page, and help spread the word:

The Thoroughbred: CAN be YOUR next sport horse!

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