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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tango has a showing tomorrow...

Tango has a showing tomorrow...wish him luck! Here are his two most recent videos!!! Not bad for his third jumping lesson...ever :o)

And this was the beginning of the lesson...under saddle...he is SUCH a good boy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feed Label Program Helps Us Help Horses - Thanks Petra!

Petra did it again!! She just signed up 2 more folks a little while ago while delivering a mare to Aquasco, Maryland. She is amazing!! Many thanks to this very hard working person, she is a horse shipper, who is spreading the word about our feed label redemption program!

Lots of people ask how they can help us, we get emails from all over the country, people are far away, but still want to's just one way you can help us help the horses....If you are using any kind of Legends or Triple Crown Feed or Reliance feed, just send us your proof of purchase labels!

Email Fran at and we will get you all of the information. Be sure to put FEED LABELS in the Subject of the email and I will follow up with you!! It doesn't matter where you bought the feed- it is the BRAND of the feed... the labels say Proof of Purchase (We are trying to upload a picture now) This program is ongoing!!


A little goes a long way...some of those labels are worth as much as $.25 each to us.


Monday, February 22, 2010


WOW...saw this today and just HAD to repost it here...I don't know who's writing it...but WOWSERS!!!!

As The World Turns Rescue Blog

Sunday, February 21, 2010

OT - Dog Related - There are scam rescues in EVERY field!

Thanks to for posting this and I am reposting here and hoping that all of our readers will share via facebook, digg, etc or their own blogs...this goes on EVERY single day and it permeates EVERY type of rescue (broker horses anyone) dog rescue (no app and your not keeping the dog?,oh no problem), cat rescue (oh, don't worry it's off the record if you declaw them, really...)....

PLEASE...spare us...BAD, RIP-OFF RESCUES - STOP ripping people off, do the right thing and either rescue and rehome because you love the animal, not for money...cuzz I am here to tell ya' (yep Jo has NOT had enough coffee this morning) that rescue (at least horse rescue) done not going to pay your bills, pay your salary, your spanking new car, new truck etc...REAL rescuers do it because they saw a problem, were outraged and (more than likely) changed their WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to make a difference...and dammit I am so frigging tired of seeing this makes my skin sure to watch the video of two ladies talking...when I have had enough coffee I will come back and edit this be more ladylike and polite...right now...I am TICKED!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cinnamon Swirl - Headed to Michigan!

Looks like Cinnamon Swirl is headed to Michigan!! She will be leaving next weekend (weather permitting) to be with her new Mom, Nicola!

Nicola found us on the web, saw Cinnamon's picture and fell in love with her beautiful face! She will be incredibly happy in her new home...and Nicola will be posting lots of pics on facebook, which we will snag and put up for all to see!!

Big Thanks to Nicola for wanting to give this wonderful girl a loving forever home!

HUGS From the ENTIRE Velvet-Nosed Gang at Angel Acres :o)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stacie and Buskey Bay aka Mojo!

Stacie and Mojo Update:

Here is a GORGEOUS picture of Stacie and Mojo...adopted about two years ago and he is looking fantastic and thriving with Stacie for his Mom!!! YEA!!!!!

Big thanks to Stacie for helping us continue to get the word out about rescue horses and Thoroughbreds:

The Thoroughbred: Your Next Sport Horse &

Make adoption your first option!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Face - Available Soon...

I am posting this blog about Baby Face, because Part 2 of the blog about Rescue to Rehoming is not yet completed...and I wanted to show everyone the wonderful progress being made by Baby Face, the 4 year old ADORABLE gelding at Angel Acres!!

Here he is in his third training session...he's going to be fantastic for someone!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The REAL Cost of Rescuing A on!

I get emails asking why our horses have adoption fees since, "they are just rescue horses"...I am going to do my best to explain it and for the record these only our (Angel Acres) estimated costs and are relevant to East Coast cost of goods, etc. And of course, our policies and we ggooooo...these prices are averages and can be slightly higher or lower. THIS IS PART 1 - Part 2- Posts Tomorrow!

Cost to purchase horse from kill buyer - $350
Transport to quarantine farm - $50
Two months quarantine farm - $500 ($250 per month)
Transport to training facility - $275

Board at training facility - $300 - $100 per month (we are EXTREMELY grateful to our friend who allows us unlimited access to our horses and their indoor arena for this extremely low price...we supply hay, grain and treats)

Vet Care - Shots, Vet Check, Coggins, teeth, etc. - $250
Farrier - $20 (we get a discounted rate for our horses)
Dewormer - $20 for at least two rounds
Hay - $360 - $90 per month
Feed - $120 - $30 per month
Training - $700 - $350 per month for minimum two months flat work schooling

Care for ONE SINGLE HORSE is $2845 (this is the high end estimated cost - see tomorrow's blog for other details/horse info) for a horse in our care for 4 to 5 months.

We do NOT rely solely on adoption fees...we supplement with fundraisers (thank you Fran and friends), grant writing, and private donations. We do not get on forums and beg for money to pull horses from kill pens, we know how much money we have BEFORE we go to the sale. Donations made to us for the slaughter/rescue fund are tax deductible and you will get a receipt, a thank you card from me and you will know which horse you helped rescue and you will have access to updated information.

We do NOT bid against private buyers, trainers, families, etc...however if we are CERTAIN that the kill buyer is the one bidding, we will bid (will save us money).

We do NOT raise money and then give the horse away to anyone who pops up...we strive to ensure a solid, good match between horse and adopter. We stand behind each and every horse we adopt out. Every horse is vetted, trained and personally handled by me before he or she is made available for adoption.

We WILL give away a fully trained or ready to be finished horse if we need the spot for an emergency or under special circumstances. Everyone fills out an application and I have done checks on state troopers, a minister, a humane police officer, an actual relative of my husbands and on and on...doesn't matter who you are or who you know...we put the horses best interest, the adopters potential happiness and suitability first, always.

We don't play the "woe is me, feel sorry for us because we are a rescue" card...we know that everybody already knows how hard we work, how heartbreaking the days can be and that we rely on public support and adoption fees.

We work hard to raise awareness in a positive fashion, we refuse to use graphic photos or slaughter house videos to make our point. I do not take a salary (thank you Greg) yet work from sunup to WAY past sundown (but what other job makes the day FLY by?!) and only work with the best people and the best rescues possible.

I don't EVER take one minute of what I do for granted...I know that I am extremely lucky to be able to play, uh work, with horses every single day of my life...not many people are able to do that and if not for the fantastic support of my husband, children and special volunteers, we would not be where we are today.

We are also striving to change the perception of the rescued horse...they are (most of the time) sound, healthy, young and sane...NOT old, crippled or sick. Come back tomorrow to learn more!

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Delay is....OVER!! WOO HOOO!!

Hi Folks!

There is still a ton of snow out there and I am way behind on, oh, just about everything...but wanted to let everyone know I am/ have been working on the chart/cost workup for my planned from rescue to rehomed blog post...I will probably be making it a permament part of the Angel Acres web site as well...

I will be posting it tomorrow morning, provided we don't get more snow! LOL!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowmeggedon Delays Angel Acres Blog Post - UGH!

Due to preparations for round 2 of the Snowmeggedon adventure, I am delayed in posting the blog for tonight...the cost for the entire "rescue of a horse to adoptive home"....

Several people have emailed asking when it would be posted...I am thinking that during the additional two feet of snow that will be falling, I will have a few moments to between mucking, feeding and haying and watering...all through what will be about 5 feet of snow before its over...the drifts are already that high...

It is REALLY difficult doing normal care during snow storms like the one we received over the weekend...ugh...but we made it through!!!

Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Angel Acres - Why Our Horses Aren't Free (Usually)

Well...since I am on a roll with yesterday's post...I figured I would go ahead and lay it all out there LOL!! Most of our emails are pleasant...but we get several a week that make me crazy!

This will be the first in several examples of emails I receive - tomorrow - the full list of what we pay to get a horse from kill pen to adoptive home! Same time, same channel!

Occasionally I get emails like this:

Prospective Adopter: "Hi, I would like to adopt horse, and I'd like it (ooohhhh LOVE that reference - actually it makes me cringe as they are not "its" to us...we refer to them as boys and girls, mares, geldings, him and her etc) walk, trot, canter and I do like to trail ride. What does it cost to adopt a horse?"

My reply: Hi...etc...we have so and so available, he's a very nice guy, sound, no bad habits (and I give a brief description)...adoption fee is $2400. Thank you for writing...etc"

Prospective Adopter: "WHAT?!?!" (all indigent like) I thought you were a rescue!!! Why would I have to pay for it? I am doing you a favor by taking it (notice in my initial response email how I referred to our available horses and this one in particular as "he") off your hands. I'd give it (cringe) a good home, but I ain't paying nothing for it." (yes, really those exact words)

My reply: "Really? I pulled him out of the kill pen, paid quarantine board (didn't just say I did and charged for it) for 2 months (yep two months we take no chances), paid the kill buyer for him, paid for transport, fed him, hayed him, gave him his shots, did his feet, dewormed him several times, did his teeth, paid for transport from quarantine to our training farm, had him trained for (at least) 60 days on the flat, etc., started him over fences AND I will guarantee him....and anytime after 30 days if you would like another horse, you are free to adopt almost anyone for $1, all with the same stuff as your first horse. Please tell me how "taking him off of my hands" is doing us a favor?"

Prospective Adopters...sometimes they understand, sometimes we never hear back, sometimes they like our program and decide to adopt and then...there are other times they will say they are going to get a horse from the auction...GOOD LUCK!! I have been doing this a long time and STILL am not sure of what I am doing 100% of the time. Also, do they have a quarantine farm? As lord only knows whats (illness such as strangles, or how about the lovely EHV-1 neurological form, etc) going through the auction on any given week!

How about a friend to bail them out (hugs to you Bev) when they have done an "oooppsss a daisy - too much horse for our adopters" rescue horse...

Tomorrow's blog...the ENTIRE LIST of costs to pull a horse and get him to, say the point of Tango or Preston...yikes!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

For The Record - Angel Acres is ANTI-SLAUGHTER!


If ANYONE has ANY questions about our stand on horse slaughter, we are AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER, please contact me, Jo Deibel 717-965-7901 DIRECTLY.

Myself, all of my board members, my volunteers, the rescues I work with, and people I work with are ANTI-SLAUGHTER.

We fired our last hauler because we found out he took horses to Canada for slaughter when he needed money. We fired our previous vet because we found out that he believed that slaughter was a "necessary evil"...we never used a farrier again because he thought some horses deserved it...

I am seething right now and probably should not be writing this, but when my integrity is drawn into question, I get angry. more time...Jo Deibel and the ENTIRE Angel Acres gang is...say it with me...ANTI SLAUGHTER!