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Friday, January 21, 2011

My Apologies For My Juvenile Comments

Hi Gang,

I got word that some folks thought my comments (no bad language or anything) were a bit juvenile towards Mr. Larson. I publicly challenged Mr. Tyson Larson to a debate, I also emailed him, to which I have received no reply. I then politely called his office. I then posted on his facebook page.

He then chose to block my comments from his facebook page - which basically said "why do you want to slaughter horses in your state" - "why do you think the folks of Nebraska would want horse slaughter in their backyard". - "do you really understand what horses go through when headed to slaughter"?

I then basically teased him on our facebook page...I am truly sorry for some of my taunting school girl posts...however...I am deeply upset that Mr. Tyson Larson wants slaughter horses and then blame rescuers. I was even more unhappy when I realized he did NOT have the courage to answer to me or the public about what he wants to do...that is not acceptable.

He wants to open a slaughter plant in Nebraska and then charge the rescues that cannot take homeless horses or horses in need with a crime. Instead of saying to breeders and owners let's work together for a solution to homeless horses (and call for responsible breeding, responsible end of life issues, etc) this man chose to DUMP the entire homelss horse population problem onto the laps of rescues.

Cathy Atkinson said it best last night, "This is the same argument as saying if you don't want abortion, YOU PERSONALLY have to take all the babies. It is invalid there as it is here. Totally faulty logic to expect the responsible and caring people to endlessly clean up the mess of the irresponsible and uncaring people".

As someone who works almost literally around the clock (I do sleep sometimes lol) to save horses, raise awareness about horse slaughter and help horse owners in need of assistance, this was the equivilant to a kick in the teeth.

Click here to read my article about Mr. Larson's plan.

I get many, many, many emails about folks doing things stuff that are cruel, neglect, abusive etc and I send them on to the proper authorities or whomever I think can help as I know area of expertise and my time to reply is limited. This is my area of expertise and we have a big following on facebook, our causes have almost 50,000 members etc, I thought that by making our readers aware of his plans he would reconsider his bill in the Nebraksa Senate.

So, again my apologies to anyone I may have offended or appeared to be acting like a school girl (wish I was again and know what I know now ;o) - my attempts at riling him up, getting our readers involved or at least get him to reply to me seems to have worked...

His facebook page is gone...and he knows his plans are not being well received.

Jo Deibel

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