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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alas, This Horse Rescuer Is Only Human, Sigh...

Hey Gang,

Well, as much as it PAINS me to admit it, I have made a boo - boo - my paper work error was brought to my attention by folks who apparently couldn't find us listed on the PA charitable orgs website.

Each year every (well almost every) charities operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to file with the Department of State Bureau of Charitable Organizations to let them know that the charity is fundraising and/or accepting donations. The state would send out a filing reminder and charities would submit the proper paper work and fees.

Each year, since inception, Angel Acres has properly filed the required paper work and received the certificate required to be properly registered in Pennsylvania, that is, until this year.

Pennsylvania no longer sends out notices to remind us - I got the notice last year telling us that we needed to mark our calendars as reminders would not be sent out and I COMPLETELY FORGOT to do it - they gave us plenty of notice and I dropped the ball.

I had all the paper work completed, including our CPA reviewed financial statements, and forgot to mail it in and for some reason (over work, too much sun, not enough coffee, don't know why) I thought the cert expired on 11/11/11 - when it actually expired on 11/11/10!

Click here to see our prior year Certificates - all required paper work has been filed
and sent via priority mail to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience or distress my paper work blunder has caused any of our always thank you SO much for being a part of our gang!

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