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Friday, January 28, 2011

Angel Acres - Creating Happy Endings Since 2004...

Jessie aka Cap'n Cottontail was originally adopted out in 2004 by Angel Acres - but due to changing life situations we were contacted in the summer of 2010 by his adopter and made aware that we may need to assist with rehoming Jessie.

Just this past month we helped find Jessie a new loving home with Gen of Virginia - seen here with Jessie in this photo taken just a few days ago...

Angel Acres stays in regular contact with all of our adopters and with very rare exception have continual communication and receive photos from our adoptive families and their horses throughout the years.

This is Tango and Jessica - Jessica adopted Tango in early 2010 and here is her most recent update...yea!!!

"I thought you might like a little update on Tango. I am so happy with how well he is doing, he is really something special!

I love him so much and feel blessed that I can call him mine! We intend to work hard over the winter so that we can be show ring ready come spring". Jessica

While Angel Acres DOES transfer ownership of horses to our adopters, we always reserve first right of refusal and maintain regular contact with families in case there is a need for rehoming, intervention and hey, just cause we love our horses and our adopters!

In 2009 & 2010 Angel Acres rehomed 16 horses that were adopted out in 2004 and 2005 - if we had not had the close relationship with our adopters we maintain, we might not have been in the loop and able to assist. We also assisted the families with the rehoming of several horses that were NOT adopted from Angel Acres but were part of their family, we always asssist as much as we possibly can.

Thanks for being a part of the gang!

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