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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Angel Acres Gang Does It Again!

Super big thanks to the following Angel Acres Gang Members - all of them have donated or pledged a donation to the Angel Acres Hay Drive! With our Hay Fund Drive in full swing we had a special offer from one hay farmer of $2 per bale hay - clean, no dust, horse quality!!

We needed to raise the funds quickly to get it...and BOY OH BOY did everyone come thru for the velvet-nosed gang!


Liz (Daytime!!), Diane, Eileen, Joan, Brandy
Gail, Teresa, Jennifer, Jeffrey, Elaine, Barbara
Bernadette, Judy, Lesley (Dewey's Mom), Leslie (Gibbs Mom)
Terri, Pamela, Sherry, Neila, Kathleen
Pam, Lisa, Lori

If you would like to donate to our Hay Fund please click HERE to make a donation, our hay drive is ongoing thru late Spring so we can aquire this seasons hay. Yesterday was a special case and we TRULY appreciate everyones help!!

Jo :o)

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