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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Delaware Billboards - PLEASE Help Us Get These UP!

Good Morning Gang,

Pat Boyer is sponsoring one of the Delaware boards! YEA!!!

Pat has been supporting our billboard efforts right from the may remember Pat is the fantastically kind lady who allowed us to store nearly 3000 bales of donated hay in her barn, came and got us when the tire literally rolled off the rescue truck while we were bringing the hay back to her place and basically rounded up help for us to get the to her place and on and on and on...her help and support has been unwavering.

She has been doing matches for fundraising for the different boards around the country and now she is offering to sponsor one of the Delaware boards! I just do not even know what to say to her - I have learned not to argue with her and just say thank you! LOL.

So, PLEASE consider making a donation by clicking HERE - no amount is too small or too large - we need to raise the remaining $275 to get this board up on Routes 4 and 273 in Delaware. Be sure to note "delaware #1" in the note area so it gets applied to this board.

We also are looking for a sponsor for the 2nd billboard in Delaware. Please click HERE if you are interested in sponsoring this board.


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