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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dalley Donates Birthday To Angel Acres Velvet-Nosed Gang!

Super Duper Big Thanks to Dalley, a wonderful young lady from Texas!

Dalley wanted to help horses for her birthday last month...her mom contacted us and told us what she wanted to do. We were just floored that someone so young (she's still in the single digits) wanted to do something so kind, generous and compassionate.

She asked her family and friends to donate to the Angel Acres gang. As a thank you to her, we sent her a birthday basket from the velvet-nosed gang...and she sent us an adorable, hand made thank you card!!

(I have to double and triple check my 20 something kids to make sure they have sent their ty cards for gifts they receive!)

She is an amazing little girl...and she drew the picture below, it is of Mattie...which actually choked me up a I realized that Mattie's Legacy really IS living on...even in the heart of a little girl in Texas who never got the chance to meet him....and the kindness this little girl has showed our gang has allowed us to help 2 more horses via Mattie's Legacy Fund...

Thank you Dalley and Tana (Dalleys' Mom) and all of her family and friends who made Dalleys birthday wish come true and help 2 families in dire need of assistance at the same time...sorry Mastercard but I gotta say it...PRICELESS!

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