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Monday, May 23, 2011

Angel Acres - Crockets Journey Has Ended...


Hay, We Need It!

Crockets Journey Has Ended...

donate to angel acresAngel Acres is deeply saddened to let you know that Crocket's journey has come to an end. (His original rescue story is HERE.)

When I went out to feed yesterday morning Crocket was down in his stall - he could not get up. We called the vet in immedately & and based upon his advice and some very, very deep soul searching, we did the most humane thing we could do....end his suffering.

Crocket must have been injured prior to him being left in a field in West Virginia to starve (sadly no one has ever stepped up to take responsibility for that) neary to death and the emergency call we got back in November 2010.

I swore I would not cry, good rescuers don't cry I tell myself, A LOT, well I did...and when the vet said, "he's running now" heart broke, but I also felt he was finally at peace...even though we did absolutely everything we could for him, I feel somehow we have failed him.

Euthanasia is not something we ever, ever take lightly, but with his hindend no longer willing or able to function for him (vet noted extensive nerve damage & prior injury upon his arrival into main rescue), we gave him a peaceul ending surrounded by people that loved and cared for him.

One small victory for Crocket, was that his last 6 months were spent being loved on by people who truly, deeply cared for him. The fact that he did NOT starve to death, cold and alone in a field, that he passed with diginity, kindness and compassion, for that small gift, we are grateful.

For those that didn't know Crocket his arrival into the main rescue is detailed HERE. He was happy, had gotten into the Angel Acres groove and we think, knew he was loved.

We would also like to take this moment to thank Deanne and her family for fostering him until he was strong enough to be trailered into us. Thank you to Joe Renner for dropping everything that super cold November morning and getting Crocket to safety.

Thank you for being apart of the Angel Acres Gang.


Have a good week ahead,

Jo Deibel

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 62, Glenville, PA 17329

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