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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Sweetest Donation of All :o)

Rescuers have A LOT really depressing, sad, heart breaking days, A LOT of days like this and most days are thankless, but we don't do it to be told how great we are or for the pat on the back or the glamour (have you seen me in that stunning layered flannel and sexy pink hat attire?! lol)...we do it for the horses. PERIOD.

So, when we get a note in the mail like the one below, it really chokes us up and let's us know that some folks see how hard are we work. It makes the work we do even more valuable, when we realize that little children, still in the single digits, can be inspired by the beauty and grace of horses and appreciate the rescuers efforts to save them.

"Dear Ms. Deibel,

We received your email on the Hay Drive. Livia (7) and Maggie (6) worked for 2 days selling drawings they made. The drawings were sold to neighbors for $0.25 each. They hope to start riding lessons this summer and to someday be able to adopt a horse or two from Angel Acres. Thank you for working so hard to save horses..."

These little girls made $20 for our horses, that is A LOT of drawing and hard work on their part, and that hard work bought the Angel Acres gang 10 bales of much needed hay...if these little girls can do something so wonderful, imagine what we all can do with a little effort :o)

Thank you ladies for brightening this rescuers day and making me cry and smile at the same time.

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