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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sue Wallis Gloats - How Sickening Is This?!

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Hay, We Need It!

"How Sickening Is This?

The above screen shot is a conversation between self proclaimed horse eater Wyoming Representative Sue Wallis and a few of her readers. Are people pushing for horse slaughter to return to the USA REALLY heroe's? I don't think so...This post shows folks cheering because what happened today could clear the way for horse slaughter plants in the USA to reopen - learn more by reading this article in the Huffington Post by Mark Markarian.

In the article, Mark Markarin, Chief Program & Policy Officer, The Humane Society of the United States, states, "it could cost U.S. taxpayers about $5 million annually to subsidize government inspections of foreign-owned horse slaughter plants."

This should make ANY horse lover angry - pro slaughter groups have been able to package horse slaughter to the non horse savvy public to appear as a public service that benefits horses and provides a service to horse owners.

The pro slaughter lobby's efforts to hide the true horror of horse slaughter by using terminology like "processing", "rendering", "harvesting" have allowed this atrocity to happen. You might be thinking - HOW could this have happened? Easy, a large majority of the American public is unaware of what is happening to our horses. It's the reason we started the billboard campaign and the non graphic companion website.

You know that horses suffer at every step of the process - from transport to killing floor - many anti slaughter websites have undercover video of the horrors & inhumane treatment taking place at slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico. Many Americans do NOT know this.

Horse slaughter is NOT harvesting, processing, rendering; it is horrifically and brutally slaughtering innocent horses who have given their lives (in more cases than not) for their owners. Slick advertising by the pro slaughter side has made it seem "ok" for horses to be slaughtered, it's NOT!

The Angel Acres Anti Horse Slaughter Billboard Campaign is a grassroots effort designed to change that, one driver and one billboard at a time. It is bringing more and more people to our non graphic educational website each day - we are averaging more than 10,000+ hits per week - and folks are learning that horse slaughter is NOT humane & that EVERY person can do something to stop horse slaughter from ever coming back to the USA.

We receive no federal, state or corporate funding for this awareness and educational effort - we have undertaken this nationwide billboard campaign to expose the horrors of horse slaughter...we are a grassroots effort, the pro slaughter side would love to see us fail, so we cannot let that happen. We need your help to continue to raise billboards & awareness around the country.

You can help us - just click HERE to donate securely online to the campaign - Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization & all donations are tax deductible. You can also help us by sending a donation to:

Angel Acres
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Want to do even more? You can click HERE to learn how to become a board sponsor!

This 48ft board just went up in New Hampshire!

THANK YOU for helping us spread the word,

Jo Deibel

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

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