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Monday, November 21, 2011

Yes, I am Opinionated - To AC4H DIRECT Reply To Your Inaccurate Posts

There seems to be some confusion about somethings that have happened in the past and I am very unhappy that Christy Sheidy chooses to continually post inaccurate information about me in a public forum. So - here is a direct response to comments posted by Christy Sheidy about me in a yahoo group today - my answers / replies are in black her comments are in blue.

This is post by Christy Sheidy of Another Chance 4 Horses in this group her questions / comments are in blue -

Vet options – you chose and tell us what is to be done – we don’t bundle it. This is not done at New Holland – I see very opinionated and lack of education Jo D aka “rescue” posted a comment that she gets hers for $20.00 that is AT New Holland auction – it clearly states in RED that the horses are not there. Can’t you read Jo? Yes, Christy I CAN read, I have a college degree - do you? I stated I get Coggins tests pulled at NH for $20 not the $55 you claim to have to pay. I don't read your page so I don't know where you get them done - I just other people posts their cost and I post what I pay.

She identified a kill buyer, Don Nickerson to the ASPCA when on a field trip to the auction – surprise the kill buyer, Don Nickerson- wasn’t there- who did she misinform the ASPCA about being a kill buyer? Don’t know. You know exactly who it was, she was at your place the day before and you had invited her to go along with you but she already had arrangements to meet with us. I identified the correct people.

She had a horse disappear from the auction that was purchased- never to be found, - I got a call from MidAtlantic Horse Rescue who was at the sale that day and was asked if I could take in a horse THEY (not us) JUST BOUGHT and I said sure and sent our hauler to get him, when our hauler arrived he was gone. I ended up paying for that horse (because I gave my word to MAHR that I would take him and did take on the responsibility) and looking all over the country for him and I NEVER EVEN SAW HIM however; we did find out he was stolen but no proof so I have to sit and stew about it.

Sold saved TB mares as broodmares- NO, another inaccuracy you keep posting, we were contacted to help save 4 older broodmares that were being shipped to slaughter THAT DAY - we got a few HOURS notice - and we posted for them to find homes - we did not sell them, we never even saw them. We did help arrange transport to new homes and screened folks the best we could in the little bit of time we had before they were shipped to slaughter, - it’s on ABR and didn’t know about the kill pen close to New Holland actually said we were lying about it– Alex Brown went to verify and we pulled My Little Bean who was then the spokes horse in DC for American’s Against Horse Slaughter. I cannot even respond to this comment because I do not know what she is talking about.

Jo then left ABR after looking like a fool and takes every opportunity to bash AC4H when it was her own ignorance that put her in that position. I quit ABR because of the scamming and lying that is allowed to go on there. I am guessing you are referring to the day you ran into Jill Curtis, her mother and I at the door and said, and I quote "anything in their today?" We told you about a chestnut mare we saw. This was at 2 - 3pm AFTER the sale was over. ABR is home to so many scammers and rip off artists we left because of that, not because of anything else. We were in the kill pen ALL DAY with Alex Brown - and a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer - you were not there that day, if that is the day you are referring to.

What I want to know is what does she have to lend to the HSUS steering committee? What does she know? I evidently have something to offer as I was asked to be on the committee and work hard to help horses behind the scenes. Were you asked to be on the committee?

She doesn’t even attend the auction with regularity, doesn’t know locations of kill pens and can’t identify kill buyers either. No, I don't go regularly, I have the rescue horses and work to attend to here and we do not need to go to the auction - we have another rescue and a volunteer that goes as often as she can and we get direct to kill / underground horses - so, no need to go and beg for money to pull them from the pen when they are delivered to us by haulers paid for by trainers that need places for their horses to go. They know they are coming to a clean facility, we won't go online and berate them and we will get them placed into homes. So, that saves them from going to the sale in the first place.

I do know who the kill buyers are and can identify them - I have cancelled checks to prove it.

What does she do??? Well, let's see I am putting up billboards around the country raising awareness about horse slaughter, I am taking in starving horses that are being seized by AC in Maryland and Pennsylvania, I am training and reschooling horses to be adopted out into loving homes, I am accepting horses BEFORE they get to the auction (see above note), I am helping people that are in need around the nation via Mattie's Legacy Fund. I also speak with people who believe their only option is to send their horse to auction...I work from the time I get up to the time I go to bed, all day every day.

Oh I know she sits on her computer all day voting for herself in various contests. Yes that was sarcastic I don't sit on my ass all day, I can sure tell you that. That's why I love my smart phone ;o) Those various contests have enabled our rescue to save more lives without emotionally blackmailing our readers by screaming the truck is coming. Those contests didn't ask for anything more than a vote from our readers and will enable us to now have a truck that starts when I turn the key and many more horses were saved as a result of those contest grant awards without begging for money because "the truck is coming" about you?

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