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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Markie Goes to A-rated Show!

Good Morning Everyone,

I was going to post about the Fair this morning...but wanted to share the following with you...will post later about the fair...

Liesha is the proud Mom of Markie, a Thoroughbred mare once bound for slaughter.

We are so thrilled with the way that this wonderful family has cared for Markie and the amazing progress she has made. Kathy, Liesha's Mom, will be starting a blog called, "The Markie Chronicles" we will be hosting their blog link on our scroller!

I thoroughly enjoy getting my Markie and Liesha fix and we think you will too!

Big thank you to this wonderful family for giving this mare a second chance and a simply fabulous life!

Jo on...

Markie says look at my pretty braids. I'm going to an A-Rated show today so I have to look really special!

Ok, so I was a little silly in the Equitation classes, except the jumping ones because I love to jump. I redeemed myself in the Hunter Division. I ended up with 2 thirds, 1 fifth, 1 sixth & 1 seventh out of 11 riders.

Look it's a statue, no it's just a wet Markie.

Here's a pictures of me right after my post-show bath. Don't I look beautiful? Muscular yet feminine.

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