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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Romeo, where for art thou?

Well...he's right here!

This is Romeo, and yep, Juliet is here too! She wil be pictured tomorrow...

Romeo was adopted by Jo-Ellen. Jo-Ellen wanted to do something special for her birthday. She came out, met Romeo and that was it! She adopted him on the spot...but...she has no where to keep him.

So, we had an idea...what if her generousity could benefit both a horse and a child?

Soooo...with Jo-Ellen's blessing, are going to free lease Romeo to a 4-h or pony club child who would like to ride and take care of horse, but isnt in the position to purchase a guy or gal.

Romeo is going to make some young lady or young man very happy. We cant thank Jo-Ellen enough for her incredible kindness and generousity

She also wanted to help Juliet...check back tomorrow to see pictures of Juliet and learn how Jo-Ellen has helped her too!



Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

Hello! Romeo looks gorgeous and happy. I'm happy to always read your blogs and get updates on the horses. I was wondering if the two horses (Romeo and Juliet) are the two recent horses that we rescued? I had donated the $400.00 that Jo needed to save one of the horses, and I haven't seen pictures of them yet. I heard they were gorgeous, so I was just curious if Romeo and Juliet was them? Thanks for the updates!

Jo Deibel said...

Hey Lisa,

Yes, Romeo and Juliet, are the two that your donation went towards! The funds raised from your generous donation and money from the Eight Belles fund (administered through Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue) allowed us to save both of these two wonderful horses.

Due to the rain today, WOW it was A LOT of rain, I was unable to take photos...but I think I have one from the other day that we can post.

Have a great day and thank you for being apart of Angel Acres!!

Jo :o)