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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ms. Thing goes on her own...

Good Morning!

Well, Ms. Thing decided that she would rather not wait for me to get out to feed breakfast! She untied her stall and mosied up the hill to the hay bale waiting for morning feeding. THIS is what happens when I am 30 mins late for breakfast! LOL! Horses on the loose...well, horses being pokey searching for hay!

Ms. Thing is a 30 year old retired (she does do babysitting for some of our rescue horses) grade horse with tons of personality. She is recovering from an ulcer on her eye and a wound under her forelock. We think she may have scratched it on a fence post. She wears a fly mask so we are still not sure how she got it the injury.

Angel Acres own Dr. Wells will be out to recheck her boo boo's tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!

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