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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lilo...the pony...

I just received this email update about Lilo...the pony we rescued back in December of 2007. Happy endings like this are what keeps us going and no paycheck could ever equal the feeling when get when we get emails like on...

Jo Deibel

From Email from Liz:

Here are two pictures of Bella and a hippotherapy session. Thought you may want to see her at work. Notice how she does not even care that he is not sitting on her the "right way". She really loves the kids. She is helping these kids in ways that I cannot describe. She is helping with trunk control, confidence and balance issues. The parents and Physical Therapist and I can see a difference from the first time a child had a lesson and 8 weeks later.

I cannot thank the heavens enough when I contacted you to ask about a pony. It was meant to be.

I have a little girl Faith that takes a hippotherapy lesson on her. Her story is a long one, but to keep it short, She lost oxygen to her brain for 10 min. She is a lovely little girl. When she was born she had a twin that did not make it called Isabella, Bella for short. Faith is only 4 and will be 5 in Sept., Bella our pony is only 4 and now will share Faiths birthday on Sept 6th. Her mom and I think that Bella is her sister in spirit and is watching over her.

Her and Freedom must know they came from the same place. He truly loves her and plays with her and protects her. She and him are always in a stall together. I was watching them yesterday play. She trots off and he canters around her.

Thanks again for two truly wonderful equines and friends!!


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