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Thursday, October 16, 2008


October 16, 2008
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue

Jo Deibel, co-founder and president of Angel Acres Horse
Haven Rescue, never gets to sleep in. With her sizable crew of resident horses demanding breakfast served and their stalls, cleaned. Jo's day begins at the crack of dawn. Her telephone rings off the hook with calls about horses needing rescue, setting up meetings, planning for media coverage, events and fund raising. When it comes to raising those funds, rescue money “just ain’t hay.”

In her "spare" time, Jo works on their fabulous new Horse blog, that is full of news about the entire goings on at the rescue center. Shifting gears, she then involves herself with the vast amount of paperwork that accompanies her passion; rescuing those horses abandoned or broken down, that would most likely ended their lives in the kill pen.

A Horse Saved by Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue

Jo began her love affair with horses as a young girl. She first learned to ride Western style. Then, as an adult, she renewed her passion for horses when she adopted Madison, a horse destined for slaughter. Based on this experience, Jo quickly decided that her mission in life would be to continue rescuing those needy horses, by attending horse sales, carefully outbidding the killer buyers. It was then that Angels Acres Horse Rescue Haven became a reality.

I became acquainted with Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue while watching the Preakness race two years ago. During an interview with Jo, scheduled as part of the coverage of the event, her special needs horse. Mattsbrotherrobert, (a former racehorse, whom she rescued on January 29, 2007 - the day that Barbaro was euthanized), was featured. Jo related the compelling story how terribly laminitis had affected Mattie's hooves so that he could barely walk. Yet through all his pain, he was a responsive and gentle horse. She purchased him on the spot, transporting him home to render him the medical care that he desperately needed and deserved.

With the help of contributions from the Friends of Twilight organization, Ms. Deibel also rescued a sweet horse named Jack at the same time she rescued Mattie. He also was terribly neglected, suffering with a severe case of rain rot. Jack and Mattie are great pals, spending most of their time hanging out together.

Mattie's story touched me deeply. Surfing over to her website,, I learned more about Mattie, and once again seeing his beautiful face and his trusting eyes, which spoke of his horrendous neglect, I somehow knew that he would become part of my life. I contacted Jo several days later and after a long phone call, I could feel the depth of love she felt for her horses.

During our conversation, she told how she and supporters have rescued over 150 horses. Many of these “unwanted” horses have already been placed in forever homes and her tireless work continues every day.

As a direct result of our phone call, I became a part-"virtual" sponsor for this magnificent horse. He has made excellent progress over time, and with the constant care of his fabulous farrier, he is doing well.

Becoming a “virtual” adopter provides an alternative means to become involved in the future of a needy horse. It gives one the opportunity to form an actual relationship with a horse, for folks who personally do not have the space or time to care for a horse in “real life.”
Angel Acres was incorporated four and a half years ago. Their sole purpose is to find loving homes for these horses abandoned for a variety of reasons. Her tireless work continues to provide homes for these rescued horses to give them a second chance for a life of peace, freedom and love.

Jo and Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is presently involved in a contest to raise much needed capitol to continue their vital work and assist them in moving to a new location. This is a great opportunity for this rescue facility, as they are entered into a million dollar makeover contest. Their present space is swiftly becoming limited.

Folks who wish to help them reach this goal can help by visiting: ZooToo’s Contest site and subscribe at

Visit her website at

Have you ever been involved in horse rescue? Please leave a comment and share your experiences with us.

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