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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Puppy Mill Passes in PA!


October 24, 2008

Landmark Puppy Mill Bill Passed!

A little over two weeks ago, The Pennsylvania Legislature passed HB2525, a landmark bill that will ensure a better life for thousands of puppies and dogs languishing in Pennsylvania's puppy mills.

The bill was introduced in May 2008. HB2525 requires that cages for dogs are doubled in size for Pennsylvania's commercial breeding establishments, prohibits stacking of cages and wire flooring. It also mandates twice-yearly veterinary examinations for all dogs, and that only licensed veterinarians humanely euthanize animals, when necessary.

This bill is one step closer to humane living enviroments for all dogs.

For over three years, the ASPCA has been working closely with the Governor's Office and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to provide better enforcement of these rules and assure that higher standards of care are provided.

The ASPCA lobbied for the passage of HB 2525 by spending many recent months in Harrisburg, educating and promoting this bill to legislators the State Capital and activating the Pennsylvania members of the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade.

The day after the bill passed, Govenor Ed Rendell signed HB2525 into law.
HB 2525, "The puppy mill reform bill" passed in a landslide victory of 49-1. The euthanasia portion of the bill went into effect immediately; therefore, it is no longer legal in Pennsylvania for individuals to shoot their own dogs.

Pennsylvania residents may thank their legislators for their support in getting this bill passed, by visiting can also see how your representatives voted on the site.

As an animal lover, I was thrilled to read how Pennsylvania took such a strong humane stand to improve the quality of care that dogs receive in their state. I just cannot imagine about what the one holdout legislator was thinking when he or she cast a negative vote.

Puppy mills thrive around the entire country. What would you do, as an animal lover, to help your state pass similar laws to protect both dogs and cats bred in mills? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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