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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From Jake, himself!

Hey Ms. Jo,

I am so happy here. You were right, my mom says I am what she dreamed of.. a Golden Retriever in a horse suit.. and I ride GREAT.

I dutifully gave the kids pony rides saturday and was a perfect pet. Mom loves riding me, and we have been working on bending and moving off the leg, serpentines and such. Get this, the grumpy one.

I think his name is Bob came out and fixed a part of my fence that needed a bit or repair.. apparently a first for him.

It is cold tonight, and I am writing this with my sparkle hoof polish, wearing my brand new WUG. Also, Mom is looking into insurance for me, because she said I was PRICELESS.

Imagine that.So, please put me into the success part. I have these people wrapped around my hooves.

Love, Jake B

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