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Friday, November 26, 2010

Crocket Rescued Near Death - Sigh...

This is the horse we helped get to safety today - his name is Crocket.

Evidently he was being boarded somewhere in West Virginia and he was not being fed by the farm owners. For whatever reason they decided NOT to feed him due to a conflict with the horses owner.
So, allegedly the mentallity of these people was that "Hey, I am mad at the owner of Crocket so I will let his horse starve" now...what kind of vile, heartless person does that?

I am waiting on full details to come in about Crocket and when they do I will post them. We got the call at 7am this morning and immediately went into action - there was a safe place waiting for him to keep him till he gains weight and feels better (but the owner had NO idea he was this bad) they just needed (or so they thought at the time) transportation help for the horse.

Because not only did they allow this poor guy to starve nearly to death, they were going to allegedly send him to slaughter or in some other fashion end his life on Sunday. So, we called our hauler and he said absolutely he would go get the horse - he canceled his plans for the day and spent more than 5 hours (one way) driving to get him and was appauled at what he saw when he arrived. He said that the people that did this to him should go to jail and it is the worst he has ever seen.

It is horses like this that need Mattie's Legacy Fund - without it we cannot assist horses like Crocket. We will now be helping foster Mom Deanne, with feed, medical, feet, etc and we will be walking the foster mom through his refeeding so that he does not develop refeeding syndrome, and whatever else he needs.

Once he has a forever home, if he recovers, we will be using Mattie's Legacy Fund to transport him again. Angel Acres will make sure he gets a loving, wonderful forever home!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Mattie's Fund in the past and those who have thought about donating...without you...we could not have helped Crocket - he is the 11th horse we have assisted in just the past month...

We will keep you posted on his progress and will post photos of his arrival this evening once we get them via email.

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