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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey CNN - Why Not Include Animal Hero's? come there are NO animal heroes in the CNN Hero Thingy? All of the chosen people and causes are FABULOUS and desperately needed...but why not make a section for animal hero's?

I am betting some of these people have pets in their lives that mean a lot to them...I know of 5 people going WAY above and beyond the call of duty for animals - yet they are never mentioned in mainstream media, which I find odd since pets (of all types from the very small to the very large) are such a huge part of the American way of life.

There are animal hero's working every day in ...every aspect of animal welfare - why doesn't CNN or some other well known news/television/radio group - A NON ANIMAL RELATED GROUP that can get the word out to the general public - do something like this for animal hero's?

If there are any out there, please let me know, I have not able to find one group that does something like this for animal hero's that isn't animal related.

I'd love to hear Anderson Cooper's thoughts on this...

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