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Friday, November 12, 2010

Heading To Los Angeles - New Group To Be Founded For OTTB's!

We are heading to Los Angeles for a few reasons:

1) Founding a new organization designed to help and promote thoroughbreds.
2) Attending the Cupcake Camp L.A. event that will benefit the Angel Acres gang, Invisible People, and Tortoise Rescue.
3) Attending Legendary Bingo in West Hollywood that will benefit Angel Acres.

For quite a while now several of us (in the rescue and horse welfare world) have been trying to promote the thoroughbred horse as more than a race horse. We will be meeting out in L.A. to found this new organization and we will update you when we have completed the process and will announce the details of our fledgling organization. (pertinent names, websites, etc have been secured at this time)

It will be a non profit dedicated to promoting the thoroughbred breed as a sport horse. An association in which the horses are not bred for the sport but are already here waiting on a second career.

After some test marketing and speaking to literally dozens of people we have decided to move forward with our plans and expect a great reception for our new organization!

Have a happy weekend!

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