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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sell On eBay? Help The Angel Acres Horses For The Holidays!

Do you sell on eBay? Would you like to donate a portion of the proceeds to help horses in need?

eBay Giving Works program allows eBay sellers to donate to their favorite charities (you can pick a lot of them) by simply listing an item on eBay!

Here is a list of current
eBay auctions that are benefitting the velvet-nosed gang at Angel Acres!

here to learn how you make any auction benefit Angel Acres or any charity!

Also, if you'd like to save
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue as a favorite and you can skip steps 1-3 (in the link above) or start right from the Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue About My Nonprofit page click the sell tab and you can also skip steps 1-3.

In both cases Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue will be prepopulated to benefit from the listing so you don’t have to search the MissionFish database.

Give At Checkout:

Saving and deleting favorite nonprofits:

You can save as many favorite nonprofits as you want. If you save multiple nonprofits, they will appear in random order each time you complete an eBay purchase or create an eBay listing.

Only one nonprofit will appear at eBay checkout each time.

To choose the nonprofit you'll see at checkout:
1)Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may need to sign in.

2) Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then select Donation Account.

3) In the My Favorite Nonprofit section, search for your favorite nonprofit by name and save it.

Other ways to save a nonprofit as a favorite:
Visit your Donation Account in My eBay and select one of the featured nonprofits.

Visit the About My Nonprofit page for any nonprofit in our directory and click the Save as Favorite link.

Thank you for helping us help more horses in need!

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