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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Angel Acres Tree Overflows on Christmas Day :o)

These cards arrived over the past two days...WOW...thank you all so very, very much! You guys totally overflowed our tree! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Check it out - Natty and Pumpkin, velvet-nosed children of Sara of Colorado, got into their mom's stationary and sent their Auntie Jo a card and donation! How sweet ;o)

Thank you to Cathy and Brian, Ben & Karen, Clare - Angel Acres Foster Mom Extradonarie - of StableMart, Nancy M and the Kenner Family!

Thank you to Liz M who volunteers at a horse rescue in Florida, Lori M. long time Angel Acres supporter.

Angel Acres adopter via MMSC - Melissa and Fly and her family - Russell, Zoey and Miles!

Big thanks to The Dooley Family - Dave, Melissa, Emma and Michael.

Thank you to Michelle and her gang Oscar and Blue. Yoo Hoo Slew adopter Kim M now of Blacksburg, VA.

Big thanks to Shawn W and family, Franny, The ENTIRE Gillispie Family including their velvet-noses, Tammy C.
Thank you to Ann Lee!

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