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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Angel Acres Tree Update - Weird Picture

Thanks to Ms. Fran - Fran Burns Mom - she totally rocks! She made it to our event, didn't win anything in the silent auction but sent the gang a donation and a card for our tree!

Sister Catherine - long time Angel Acres supporter!

Carol & David - Angel Acres design team :o)

Lorraine & Bill - long time Angel Acres supporter - to Mattie's Legacy Fund.

Penny of Vt, Michele of MN, Octavia & Martz of NC, Kristin, Josh & children Haven & Hadden.

The Cornetto Family - Angel Acres adopter and long time supporter!

I don't know why the tree photo looks like this...I took literally 20 pictures...with flash, withoutflash, close-up and far away and they ALL look like sorry for the weird glow!

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