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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Angel Acres Stop Slaughtering Us Billboards are UP!

Our anti horse slaughter billboards are up in Baltimore, MD. Here is one of them in action!

We are so very, very thankful to the folks at Clear Channel Outdoor in Laurel, MD. We could NOT have done this without their incredible kindness and generosity! We cannot thank them enough for donating the spaces to us!!

Angel Acres truly believes that if the general non-horse owning public knew what was going on -

that 100,000 horses a YEAR were being shipped to Canada and Mexico to be brutally slaughtered -

they would be outraged and help us (us being the rescue and horse welfare community) FINALLY get the legislation passed that would end the slaughter by sealing our nation's borders.
And here's something we are addressing in tomorrows video and I can never say it enough -

Horse Slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia!

This is NOT a nationally funded campaign, we are a grass roots group trying to make the public aware of what is going on - we would love more help getting more billboards up - if you'd like to help sponsor a billboard click here and mark your donation "Anti Slaughter Campaign" - each board runs $300 and no donation is too small - together we CAN make this public awareness campaign a great success!

If you are interested in a sponsored board, it will be specially printed and made in honor of a loved one - furry or human :o) (will read something like ... "This billboard space graciously donated by Clear Channel Outdoor and is in honor of...) contact Fran via email for more info about board sponsorship.

If you would like to donate to our Anti-Horse Slaughter Awareness Campaign you can donate securely (just note Anti Slaughter Awareness Campaign in the designation box) by clicking here.

Special thanks to our graphic design team at Ebrand Advertising who, amazingly, STILL pick up the phone when I call ;o)

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