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Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Angel Acres Tree Update - More Cards Have Arrived!!

BBrrrrrr....Boy oh boy, it's COLD am happy to be INSIDE for a few minutes updating the Angel Acres Tree and writing about it on the blog!

Big thanks to: Fran - yes, that Fran, Angel Acres volunteer extradonaire ;o) She is donating $200 to our newer tractor fund - see below!

And big thanks to: Ellen - who also made our rescue her Christmas Wish on FB, Elaine & Rob, Suzanne H., and Mike & Hollie of WV.

Thank you all very much for helping us!

The funds will be going towards a newer (not new - boy, I wish lol) tractor - we DESPERATELY need a newer tractor - ours is a 1952 8N Ford Tractor that keeps blowing the radiator and a host of other problems - pto thingy doesn't do whatever it is supposed to do (Greg says its supposed to lift stuff) - the clear gas bubble thing keeps leaking gas or doing something it's not supposed too.

Over the weekend it broke down AGAIN as Greg was spreading manure in the field. This time he made it back (most times I have to go and find him in the field and take him a bucket of tools to him to fix it) to the parking area by the manure ramp and we are hoping and praying that Greg can repair it again and that it hangs on until we can get another one...sigh...

Good used tractors run about $5000 to $8000 for a model Greg can repair himself (we don't need anything snazzy lol) and that is big just can't have horses without a decent tractor. We were able to save on the truck tires and are putting a $175 from that fund towards the tractor so our grand total so far is $375 towards the tractor!

If you know of anyone who might have a tractor they are no longer using, please let us know...we are on a very tight budget so it will have to be second hand...or if you have or might know of anyone who has a tractor they would like to donate PLEASE email me

Or you can help by decorating our tree - funds from that (we won't total it till the first of the year) will go towards the tractor!

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