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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Angel Acres Final Tree Picture - YEA!

THANK YOU to everyone who sent a card to decorate our tree! We truly appreciate everyone sending one in but the notes and kind wishes you guys wrote inside nearly each one were especially wonderful to read...thank you for caring about what we do!

The last of the cards came in today and we extend a super big thanks to...

Linda from MO

Bonnie & Harry from MD

Natty & Pumpkin from CO - they seem to sneak into their Mom Sara's check book each year...I wonder...DO they have opposing thumbs?!

Shirley from NV

Mercy from FL

Lorraine & Bill from NJ

Brenda & Brian from PA

Next year will be our 5th year!! CRAZY how time flies!

Thanks so much!

Jo :o)

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