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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Commitment - a 4 letter word?!

A Facebook post from one of our adopters (reprinted with her permission) about commitment to one's horses.

This post speaks volumes without my input at all...Thanks Jessica for posting this!

(Breakdown of the above post is below)

"Hmmmm!!! Where to start!!! So I had this " customer " come in the store an we got on the topic of horses! He says how many do you have?!? I said 9 with 2 on the way! He says OMG why do you have so many?!?

 I said well its kinda the geriatric ward there's a couple with a hoof or two in the grave!!! He said well why don't you get rid of them, if you can't do anything with them!!! Hmmmm!!!! 

So I said yeah I might as well, while I'm at it I might as well get rid of my mom too, she retired this year an got a bum leg! she really is more of a cost an burden now then being productive!!! 

The look on his face "priceless" the silence that filled the air, even more "priceless"!!!! No just cause I can't ride a couple of them that gave me years of there lives for my satisfaction!!! 

I'm not just going to " get rid" of them!!! It's my pay check not yours, go buy you another case of beer and pack of smokes an ill go buy another bag of feed an bale of hay!!!!!"

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