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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Adopted Horse Update!

Happy Update from Pitt's new mom, Cathy! The "House" reference is an inside joke for our readers and refers to a RIDICULOUS email we received about Pitt which said..."can this house be raced"

Ridiculous because 1) he was emailing a rescue and 2) he called Pitt a house.

Anyhoo...Cathy saw that post about Pitt and sent us this poem about Pitt and the pics below it.

  "A House and two Horses nestled into their stalls.
 Impatiently awaiting hay, grain and cookies for all
 Said the House to the Horses
 As they awaited their courses

 What a long journey it has been.
 My racing career is at an end
 And thanks to my friends (especially Jo)
 It's the good life now, easy and slow!"

    Said the Horses to the House "We're so happy you're here!
 Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year!"

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