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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paige & Jack - Loookkkiinngggg GGGOooooddd!

Many of you may remember Jack, he was pulled from the killer pen the same day as Mattie, sick and in desperate need of rescue. His story was so compelling, he made the cover of the St. Petersburg Times on the first Sunday in July in 2007...

check him out today...

From Paige:

Hi Jo!!

Jack is doing sooo good!! We finally started taking lessons again so we can learn to control our racehorse speed a little better haha. We also started jumping. The other day we jumped 2'9"!! A friend of mine took us to the local riding club and he made me pround. He didn't spook at the cars on the highway or the dogs barking or the wind or anything. He was such a good boy...

Thank you again for my angel :)

Paige and Jack

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