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Friday, July 31, 2009

Garcon D'or Goes To Foster Training Home!

Garcon D'or aka Gee went off to his foster moms home today! Fran, who has Dustin's Dreamer, wanted to help out even more with the rescue gang and decided to take Gee to her place and school him on the flat and basically work with him for the next couple of months.

Gee is EXCEPTIONALLY kind, pleasant, quiet, well-behaved and is a fantastic mover on top of all that! He has no issues, no vices, no bad habits...just a good boy who will make someone a very happy horse owner...really soon!

Big thanks to Fran for her unending support of Angel Acres!

This is Gee waiting for the trailer to be ready to hop you can see his is very anxious...NOT! LOL! Notice Pippin, our barn managers dog, just a foot away from Gee. He is SUCH a good boy!

He has some superficial bites on his back and hiney and is really low in the pecking order...we hope he finds his forever home soon after his training...he really deserves it!

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