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Sunday, July 5, 2009

SC & H Consulting Volunteer Day at Angel Acres!

The volunteers from SC&H Consulting were out last week and helped Angel Acres get lots of stuff done!

Here's an action shot of donated hay being unloaded, getting ready to be stacked!

Carrying and goodness those were some heavy bales!

Lil Po Po checking out the hay..."hhhmmm is all that for me?!

Let the painting begin...starting to paint the feed room...WAIT till you see how it ended up!! WOO you know there will be some purple in there,

Taking a water break by the picnic table. we love to mow...not!

The buildings almost done...woo hooo!!!

Some of us were not working as hard as they could be!!!

Big thanks to SC & H Consulting for all of their hard work!! WOO HOO!

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