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Friday, July 31, 2009

Update on Chief, Bella & Cherokee from Liz!

Hi Jo,

I am sending you a link to my website pictures that show Chief, Bella (two Angel Acres horses) and Cherokee(stuffed horse) getting to know each other.

Chief was the only one to canter out to greet the new pony. Bella then followed along while the rest of the scaredy cats went running the other way. You will see in the pictures that they all finally came to meet her but only Chief and Bella actually sniffed her and thought of her as a real pony. Bella actually went to her back end and lifted her up with her nose and she fell! and my cute little bella then started grooming her!! next time I have to take the video camera out. It was so cute.

Cherokee is a stuffed pony we use for kids......

Chief is doing well and I LOVE HIM!!!


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