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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Horse N Around 4-H Group was horsin' around at Angel Acres!

Volunteer Day...Cuddles is looking for a new Mom or Dad...anyone looking for 1000 lb velvet-nosed fur-baby?

Ah...the magic on the shoes that will help save lives this fall!

Ringing Belle gets another Parelli lesson with Amy...

Amy says that Belle is VERY smart and is retaining a lot of what she is learning!


This is Cookie Girl AKA Cee Cee...getting her second lesson with Amy...

Cee Cee came to us in VERY poor shape...she was saved by our trainer from new holland...WAY overgrown mane, overgrown feet, ribby and wormy...but look at her now...she is gaining weight and confidence daily...

Call Today if either of these ladies or gentleman strike your fancy!

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