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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rare Preakness Trainer Autographed Gigantic Race Card on Ebay

Check out the Super Rare Gigantic Trainer Autographed 134th Running of The Preakness Race Card being auction on Ebay to benefit the Angel Acres Mattie's Legacy Fund!

All proceeds from the auction will go toward saving at least one slaughter bound horse!

Be sure to cross post and check it out today!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lil Baby Tinkles - Update from Katherine :o)

Hi Jo,

It's Katherine, I wanted to give you an update and let you know that Tink has turned into quite the handsome guy. He is now a hunter/jumper, showing at everything from schooling shows up to 'A' rated, with great success.

I love him with all my heart, he is my baby, and wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to own such an amazing horse. He makes me smile every day, and is spoiled rotten (but he deserves to be). My boyfriend has even learned to ride on him, he is quite the versatile horse. I have attached a picture from this spring that shows how fat and shiny he is!

Thanks again, I'll definitely come back to you when I am ready for another horse!


Friday, June 26, 2009

York Township Recreation Volunteers at Angel Acres

Angel Acres had the York Township Recreation Group here for the day Monday and they worked their fingers to the bone to help our horses! Scroll for pictures of the day...Big Thanks From all of us at Angel Acres!!

The end of a fun day at Angel Acres!

Mowing between the fields!

Breaking up carrots to feed the velvet nosed gang!

Moving LOTS of donated hay!!

Mucking stalls and getting them nice and clean so horses can be all tucked in for the night!

Stacking wood for the winter!

Getting ready to paint shoes!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lota Chief and Lilo (Bella) - OMG TOO CUTE!

You might remember Lota Chief, the horse saved in honor of Nick Zito's below for the story...

WJZ-TV Angel Acres rescues horse in honor of Nick Zito

This is Lota Chief and Lilo today! He was adopted and taken to his new home last week by Liz & her family. He will be part of the Freedom Horse Rescue family...more updates will follow!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pixar Grants Little Girls Dying Wish

Way off topic...but just had to repost here...

Hats off to Pixar for making this happen for this little girl, as a mom of 4, this is heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time.

Click here to read the story.

Friday, June 19, 2009

HSUS Accomplishments since 2006

I just wanted to post some major accomplishments that would not have been possible if not for the Humane Society of the United sure to click and read below!

Click here to read about the HSUS!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horse Abuse Action Needed NOW!


This is a Call for Action directed to any and all people who have feelings of respect, and love, and compassion for animals, and who care enough to help seek justice, and safety, for two horses who have suffered terribly at the hands of an alleged abuser.

The photos are graphic--but they are real. (Because the photos are so horrible, we are not including them IN this posting. If you wish to see them, and have a strong stomach, you can see them here: - THEY ARE TRULY HIDEOUS - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!). They are documentation of just how much suffering was inflicted on these two innocent animals at the hands of the person responsible for their care. Look at them, and please: stand up for justice. Stand up with us to protect the future of these animals. Stand up with us to send the message, loud and clear, that animal abuse in New York State will not be tolerated, and will be punished, with a vengeance.

Stand up for Suzi, who has hurt so much, for so long. Join forces with others who care. Be her voice. Tell her story. Defend her right to live without pain and suffering. Send the message, loud and clear, that there are people who will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, with voices, with letters, with phone calls, with faxes, with their hearts and minds, with their outrage--outrage that animal cruelty is not viewed as an accountable crime, that people can do such things, and simply--walk away: walk away with the very animal they tortured beside them, his/her heart hammering with fear and despair as people do nothing more than shake their heads and turn away.

Look at Suzi and consider just what it is this sweet horse has endured at the hands of the person entrusted to care for her. Should the person who caused this go unpunished? One count of misdemeanor cruelty is the charge, when Suzi's pain went on for days, and months, and is still going on. Suzi is still receiving daily visits from the vet. Should this person be allowed to receive Suzi back again? That is Keum H. Lee's plan: she has refused to surrender ownership of these horses. Should the fact that she starved Suzi's companion be dismissed, as if that suffering did not occur, was not worthy of mention in the charges against this person?

The Defendant: Keum H. Lee, female, age 58, occupation: physicist

The Story:

On the night of Thursday, April 16th, near midnight, a call reporting a horse loose on a Wallkill road came in to the police station. The attending police officer reported "it smells like the horse's face is rotting off"--which indeed, was exactly the case. On Friday, April 17th, Animal Control and an equine vet went to the property of the horses' caregiver, Keum H. Lee, to investigate.

Suzi, described as a palomino mare, was declared to be approximately 600 pounds underweight, and suffering from extreme untended facial wounds, and infection. Her companion was found to be approximately 200 pounds underweight. Under the direction of the investigating veterinarian, the horses were immediately transported to a local equine rescue organization for proper care and rehabilitation. Everyone's heart went out to these two survivors--and yet, they are hardly now in a situation that can be called safe.

The Case
Although reportedly charged with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, Keum H. Lee is now charged with only one count. This, despite the obvious, documentable, and agonizing suffering and starvation imposed on one animal in her care, and the obvious neglect and starvation of another animal in her care. Keum H. Lee has yet to pay one vet bill. She has refused to surrender her right to care for these animals. She is, in fact, pleading Not Guilty to the single charge against her--despite overwhelming evidence against her.

The Abuse:
Removal of Suzi's halter revealed wounds filled with maggots. Because a salivary duct on the right side of her face was crushed during the ongoing ordeal, and the condition was not treated, she leaks saliva through her jawbone. After a six hour operation, Suzi is reported as not recovering well.

Prior to Suzi escaping to the road--an act that likely saved her life--numerous reports had been filed regarding abusive conditions for animals at Keum H. Lee's address. No action was taken by authorities until Suzi was reported loose in the road--at which time, action was taken because the situation was a public safety one.

What Is Going To Happen?
If no one cares, and no one acts, this is what will happen: Keum H. Lee will be found Guilty, or found Not Guilty, of misdemeanor animal abuse. If found Guilty, she will pay a small fine. The horses will be returned to her--despite the statement of the examining equine veterinarian and the observations of the clinic veterinarians that these horses suffered, were starved, were abused--despite the documented agonies she has already inflicted on these animals: the horses will be returned to Keum H. Lee.

The Alternative: Express Your Outrage!

You can make a difference. Person by person. Caring heart by caring heart, we can make a difference in the lives of these two horses.

  1. Call, write, and fax the following people and politely and intelligently DEMAND:
    • that the correct felony charges be brought against Keum H. Lee for her willful extreme neglect and abuse;
    • that Keum H. Lee be charged on separate counts for the abuse inflicted on two different animals;
    • that Keum H. Lee NOT be allowed to receive these animals back under any circumstances;
    • that Keum H. Lee be required to pay for all related veterinary care provided;
    • that Keum H. Lee be refused the right to care for any animals as long as she lives in the state of New York .
  2. Please forward the story of Suzi and her companion, and how they have suffered and are suffering still, to everyone you know, and ask them to stand up with you in support of helping these two horses to a life of health and safety.

Who to Contact: Express Your Outrage!

Francis D. Phillips, District Attorney
255 Main Street
Goshen , NY 10924

Phone: (845) 291-2050
Fax: (845) 291-2085

Andy Kass, Esq.
c/o Orange County District Attorney's Office
18 Seward Avenue
Middletown , NY 10940

Phone: 845-615-3640
Fax: (845) 346-1189

Tanya Beamer, Esq.
c/o Orange County District Attorney's Office
18 Seward Avenue
Middletown , NY 10940
Phone: 845-615-3640
Fax: (845) 346-1189

Thank you for caring,


This comment was made by her caretaker:
"I just came in for the night and before leaving I say goodnight to each one....when I reached her stall I saw her struggling to chew her hay, the pain in her jaw is so obvious, I soak her feed (25 pounds a day) but we have decided, the vet & I, that she has to continue to chew or else the arthritis caused by this will weaken her ability to eat in the future...she's trying so hard........if adding my name and the org name and contact info adds any weight or credence....please do so. I'm angry at this woman. I'm sad for this kind soul who is suffering. Thank you for sending this out to people. Sending up a prayer that it helps and that she will not suffer forever.....thanks."

Do you support the ban on horse slaughter?

Dear Horse Advocate:

As we all know, those individuals and organizations actually involved in the horse industry and the equine rescue and welfare community are in strong support of ANY federal legislation to end horse slaughter.

For years we have been building a list of organizations and leading horse owners who are opposed to horse slaughter and who support ALL efforts to end this terrible industry including passage of federal and state legislation. These are people and organizations who are directly involved with horses and in ensuring their welfare and protection.

In contrast, the pro-horse slaughter camp draws more on organizations that have no involvement in the horse industry. For example, why would Ringling Bros. have a say in supporting horse slaughter? This group is currently in federal court over charges of elephant abuse. Why would a poultry association care about ending horse slaughter? They do so simply because of their traditional and entrenched opposition to any animal welfare provision.

We want to add to the list of organizations opposed to horse slaughter and that support any and all efforts to ban this practice one and for all.

If you represent such an organization please send us an email ( with the following information and we will add you to the list of supporters in favor of any effort to end horse slaughter. Be sure to put “Please add us to the list opposing horse slaughter” in the subject line.

Name of organization

Your name and title


Telephone number



Are you or your group a member of any organization claiming to be pro-horse slaughter?

Short quote on horse slaughter

Hundreds of horse related organizations are already supporters of our efforts to end horse slaughter. Please add your group to the list and show you support for America’s horses. Help be part of the solution. Join us and the majority of Americans who are fighting to end this cruel and predatory industry.

Thanks, Chris

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ebay Sellers Helping Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue!

Check out these Ebay Sellers! These wonderful people have all listed auctions and are making donation to Angel Acres...just by listing items on Ebay!

Big, big, thanks to everyone who is doing this to help our velvet-nosed gang!


D S Fine Arts



Top 2 Bottom Luxury 4 Less

We Rescue Horses

Monday, June 15, 2009

Arabian Horse Association resolution on horse slaughter....

June 14, 2009


Contacts: John Holland


Vicki Tobin


Arabian committee at odds with Arabian Horse Association’s resolution on horse slaughter

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Subsequent to an Equine Welfare Alliance press release (June 9, 2009) calling attention to the Arabian Horse Association’s (AHA) passing a resolution in support of horse slaughter, the AHA Rescue and Rehoming Subcommittee, chaired by Carol Darnell, who is also chair of the Arabian Horse Foundation’s Rescue and Rehoming Advisory Panel, took strong exception to the AHA move, issuing the following position statement:

“We, the members of the Rescue/Rehoming Subcommittee of the Equine Stress, Research and Education Committee of AHA, take serious issue with the recent BOD action in support of equine slaughter.”

“Quite aside from the reality that some of the membership of AHA does support slaughter,” the release continued, “we believe it to be inappropriate for our BOD to take any position whatsoever on such a passionate and divisive issue, especially without polling our membership for consensus or consulting with our two rescue entities within the AHA/AHF complex. We believe it should be the role of a breed promotion organization to support husbandry practices and organizational goals which sustain our horses, rather than endorse practices which enable irresponsible husbandry at the horses' expense.”

The committee went on to say, “On a practical level, the negative response by much of the Arabian community and the equine community as a whole, along with significant negative press, is damaging to the organization at a time when we can ill-afford such damage, especially when it is self-inflicted.

We, along with many others in the Arabian horse community, are striving to have the BOD revisit and reconsider the action taken.”

The original press release issued to media outlets by the AHA led readers to believe the AHF was involved in the passing of the resolution. The AHF has a separate BOD, functions independent of the AHA and was not involved in the discussion and passing of this motion.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dustin's Dreamer Does It Again!

Horse Show Update - Dustin's Dreamer
Sat. 7am- time to leave for the horse show!
Dreamer is asleep in his stall- yes laying down sound asleep.. it took a few minutes to get him up. He must have played with the gang last night while out in the pasture..
Wow what a scorcher it was at the show!! It was really hot at the McDonogh- Balto County show today. Dustin's Dreamer did really well however, I noticed the judge was pinning an awful lot of chestnuts!!! (everyone is entitled to their favorites!)
He ended up Reserve Champion (to a chestnut of course) in the Open 3 ft Division. Won the 1st jumping class, 2nd in the other and 5th in the flat class.
He got a 6th and 8th in the Low Division - the chestnuts really ruled there!!
Good day - $10 coming to Angel Acres from Dustin's Dreamer .... check him out on You Tube...

Dustin's Dreamer donates $10 for every blue ribbon to Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue on behalf of those horses that get sent to slaughter. He would have been one if he had not been rescued by my friend Dustin...
All the best, Fran

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chocolate Truffles...ready for adoption!

Hey Gang,

Here is one super duper sweet mare!

And quite the looker too! She's available for adoption now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blanket Washing & Repairs Benefit Angel Acres!

Dirty Blankets? Ripped Blankets?

We can help!!

Get your blankets cleaned and repaired and help Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue at the same time!!

Call Linda Nickel at 410 299 2848 or email her at She will wash and repair your blankets so you will be ready to go when cold weather hits.

Linda very kindly will donate a portion of your payment to Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, which saves slaughterbound horses, rehabs then and rehomes them into “forever” homes.

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is a 501 c 3 Charity.

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is located just over the Md line in Glenville, Pa.

We welcome volunteers!!!

Visit us at

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Horse-N-Around 4 H Group Volunteers @ Angel Acres!

Horse N Around 4 H Group Volunteers At Angel Acres!

We got a TON of stuff done, thanks to this FABULOUS group!

The younger girls cleaning horse shoes!
As you may know the Angel Acres Horse Shoe
sale is our biggest fundraiser!


Ringing Bell in her first Parelli Training Lesson!

Amy said Bell did very well!

Amy's husband doing the dreaded...weed whacking!

Fran works frantically on the rake heads!

The girls cleaning stalls with the horses watching, very

Greg, bringing the tractor back in from dumping manure, one of his FAVORITE activities! LOL!

Watching the training session...


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Laurie McDowell SLANDERS Angel Acres!

Angel Acres has been accused of taking a horse to New Holland by Laurie McDowell of McDowell Racing Stables located in Pimilico, Md.

There was recently a personal attack on me and Angel Acres on an AOL forum accusing us of sending one of our horses back to New Holland... this is absolutely UNTRUE and FALSE.

I would NEVER take a horse back to New Holland anyone that knows me knows this is an absolute LIE.

I WILL be contacting the racetrack concerning this matter and will be contacting the Angel Acres attorney to remedy this situation. This is not only an unfounded attack against Angel Acres and myself, but ultimately an attack against the horses we are trying to save and good rescues trying to do a good job.

I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly angry I am right now. I do not even know this woman, nor do I know why she would attack us...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HYPP Positive? Let's STOP it in its tracks!!!

Repost from Fugly: A MUST READ!

On why we need to have the HYPP positive horses stopped from breeding...I agree with Fugly...its an evil thing to do...Russian Roulette with a foal is ridiculous!