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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mojito's Life Was Spent As Pony Horse - Doesn't He Deserve A Retirement?!

This is Mojito. This horse has been at a local racetrack being used as a pony horse, he is 18 years old, the person using him decided he no longer wanted him, gave him to a friend for their child.

The child was too small to ride him, so new owner calls previous owner and tells him that he isn't working out, what did they want to do about him, did they want him back?

The previous owner (who we know he worked MANY years for, being a pony horse) allegedly said, "I don't care, put a bullet in his head." I did NOT hear this with my own two ears, but the source is EXCEEDINGLY, I believe, at THE VERY least, this was the conversations undertone, hence him ending up at a farm headed to kill.

Since they called us we know a few things about him...

1) He MUST be an exceptionally kind horse for this person to have gone way, way, way out of there way for him.

2) He must be sound and uninjured...he is VERY foot sore due to his feet being allowed to grow over his shoes...ugh...

3) He will be AMAZING for someone...

NOTE we did NOT go onto forums and scream the truck is coming, the truck is ALWAYS coming...we got the call, we knew that Bead and Tequilla had left and Bandito leaves this weekend and we had room...we then looked at our slaughter fund and knew we had the funds to save him.

YOUR donations PRIOR to the emergency calls coming in are what allows us to save them...thank you for reading, helping, volunteering, donating...etc...because without you...there wouldn't be an Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue!!

Please think about donating to Mattie's Legacy Fund today!

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