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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saved By A Pair of Sandals....but only for a day or two!

Went out to see some of the horses, donkeys, mules and ponies that were recently rescued from a deplorable situation in West Virginia by the HSUS. A total of 49 equids along with other various animals were rescued last month.

I got to meet a few of our readers and friends whilst there today...I am SO sorry I didn't get to say bye to was kind of crazy (ok, I had no hat, no water, the wrong sunglasses and YES I wore sandals - more on that in a minute) and I was feeling a bit woozy so we went to get something to drink and I didn't get to say bye...ugh!!! I am so sorry!!!

But...looks like I may be back on Saturday to help groom up some of the rescues!

Finally, the sandals...I have a TERRIBLE habit of going in and loving on anything equine and that usually ends with "oh, we can take (insert name) and help place (insert name)"...ssssoooooo...I thought, hhhmmmm...if I wear my non horsey, non manure covered sandals I will have to stay out of the fields and just visit over the fence! But, gosh dernit I found some I found totally adorable anyway!!

Which means on Saturday, there will be no sandals and I am sure Angel Acres will be snagging a few of these guys and retraining and rehoming them in the very near future! We will, as always, keep you posted!!

Have a great night everyone :o)

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