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Monday, July 26, 2010

This Weeks Newsletter!!

Volunteer Day, Wonderful Rescue Story & More at Angel Acres!
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
Glenville, PA
Angel Acres July 2010 Update!
In This Issue
Corie & Carter
Volunteer Day
TCA Grant
eBay Helps
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We hope that this note finds you well! We have had a busy week, as usual, and have been a bit pokey in the blogging department! We will try to get back to blogging once a day asap!
As we are gearing up for the Maryland State Fair, it will get crazier!
Please check out some of the happenings at Angel Acres by reading on...
Corie & Carter!
This is a fabulous happy ending story!!
From frantic phone call looking for help for a horse headed to certain death to Corie stepping up for a horse she didn't know for a rescue she'd only worked with once in the past.
Corie and I met via her involvement with another horse she assisted here to read the will be glad you did!
Volunteer Day!
Volunteer Day at Angel Acres was really, really hot, but we still had fun - we had pizza from Papa John's and ice cream from Brusters both of Hanover - big thanks to these two great places!
We finally got to meet some of our volunteers who help us remotely, in person! We got to chat and catch up...but sadly some of our most active volunteers were unable to attend due to other probably know where we are going with this...YEPPER!!
Fall Volunteer Party is in the works!!

BIG Thanks to Fran for getting all of the food and stuff together and helping make this event go off without a hitch and for her continued support and implementation of most of our crazy ideas and events!!
Details will follow soon for the Fall event!! (SORRY FRAN!!)

BIG Thanks to Clare for offering up her place for the Angel Acres Gang!! Her indoor arena was center stage for the event!

Thanks to Ryan, Hannah and Greg for getting the last of the donated hay just before the event.
TCA Grant!
We would like to thank Thoroughbred Charities of America for awarding Angel Acres a grant for 2010.
Be sure to click here to read the press release!
TCA's generous grant allow us to help more horses in crisis.
eBay Helps Angel Acres!


Great news!!! eBay Sellers are listing auctions all month to help the Angel Acres horses! Big thanks to eBay for featuring Angel Acres in the Give At Checkout Donation Featured Charity Spot - buy on eBay now thru August 1 and you can give $1 at checkout to Angel Acres! You can make us your chosen charity and see us all the time too!
Thank you so much for being a part of the Angel Acres gang!
Have a happy week ahead!

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

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