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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We need YOUR Creative PHOTOS for our Text Video!

Hey Gang!

Our volunteers Lauren and Johanna had a FANTASTIC IDEA - how to get the word out about our texting fund raiser - by spelling it out in unique and crazy ways and then putting those photos into a video montage.

We are working on our Text To Donate video for our fall fundraiser...we are hoping to raise funds for Mattie's Legacy Fund - please send us your pictures of your creative ways to spell out -

Text HORSE to 85944 to DONATE $10

You can include the entire phrase above or just Text HORSE to 85944

Some of the ideas we are working on (and please feel to use these in your own way and please help us by coming up with other crazy, fun ways) are...

Macaroni noodles on a plate, post it notes on the barn, body paint (we will need volunteers for this one, call me) or poster border being held up by people...baling twine on hay bales, chalk on pavement, flower tops on pavement/background - carrots spelling it out and lots more!

Just put your ideas put into action and take a photo and/or video clip and email to us at


(example above is with paper clips on black glass)

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