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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Corie & Carter - Coincidence or Fate? You Decide :o)

This is a long, I will make it brief!!

We got a call from one of the girls from the FLTAP about a horse in trouble at a local track. A super, sweet, kind, big gelding that needed out ASAP or would be headed to kill ...oddly enough...we had JUST received an email from Corie, she was looking for a big gelding to bring along and school.

Lil background :o) ...

Corie has been INCREDIBLY helpful to us with one horse in particular that was, well, not in the best circumstances and to make a long story short - she stepped up to the plate for a horse on our behalf, behind the scenes and made a nice happy ending for him!!

Anyhoo...Corie sends email, I am, I don't have anyone like that...well, it couldn't have been an hour later that I receive the call from FLTAP and it was like Priscilla (FLTAP contact) had read Corie's letter and made him special order for her!!

So, I call Corie; she agrees to make the drive to check him out, I told her, he might be what you are looking for and maybe not, I didn't want to waste her time. She told us that we were not wasting her time and if he wasn't for her she would happily foster him for us until we had room. How totally awesome of her...btw...his barn name is Carter. you can see from picture...he is doing well with Corie...she is fostering him for 3 months and then will decide whether or not to become an Angel Acres Foster Failure - we sure hope she does!!!

If not, she will have donated her time, energy and his expenses to Angel Acres and this sweet boy and we will then find him a fabulous home.


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