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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fran the Blog Mistress...

Hi There!

A lot happens with the rescue in the course of a day--- just wanted to put a few good words in for our friends and volunteers...

Linda and Lizzie are heroes to me- Lizzie was one of our strongest sellers at the State Fair and her mom, Linda is always there for us.

Pimlico closed the beginning of September and everyone and everything (horses and cats ! ) had to be out. Not only did they (Linda and Lizzie) get the last cat (an orange one!!) but they even went around and picked up horse shoes for Jo to decorate and sell.

We think you 2 are the greatest!

And a BIG thanks to Jen and Jackie (our trainer) for making today "mane" day for Goldie and Maui. Goldie's mane was way TOO long and now he looks like the distinguished "gentleman" that he is. I will get a photo to post.

The "Shoe" Tour
(Rock starts have concert tours but we have the "Shoe" tour)

Another big thank you to my friends Paul Miller and Katharine Cooker at the Humane Society of Washington County. They have invited us to sell our shoes at their "Bark in the Park " event in Hagerstown. We will have LOTS of dog decorated shoes there for sale.

Mark the date Oct. 11th in Hagerstown. For more info go to

Also, Jackie, our trainer will host our decorated horse shoe sale at the McDonogh School Benefit Horse Show in Owings Mills, Sat. Oct. 4 from 11-1.

I will be there but have my horse showing so I will be a bit busy!! Please come by and say hi!!

And also the same day (October 4, 2008) if you happen to be going to the Maryland Million Race at Laurel stop in at the Gift Shop- we are planning to have our shoes available there for sale!!!

Thank you Laurel Racetrack!!! We appreciate your support!!

I am working on several other projects... will let you know as soon as I have them completed.

In the meantime, on behalf of my buddy Goldie- thank you for your support.

We appreciate it!!

P.S. Keep those green peppermints coming for Goldie- lol!!! He loves them!!

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