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Tuesday, September 2, 2008 you remember him?

Hi Everyone,

This is an update on one of our most popular horses, Mattie!

Mattie is continuing to make a great recovery! He had one of the worst cases of founder our blacksmith has ever seen. Thanks to the expert care of our blacksmith, Chuck, and the support from the community, he has recovered to the point of being pasture sound. He does have his off days (usually just before Chuck is due in) but those are fewer and farther between with each passing week.

These photos aren't the best, but we wanted to show you the difference in his feet...compared to his rescue on January 29, 2007.

Thank you to everyone has donated for Matties care and everyone who keeps him in their prayers!

Mattie getting a bite of grass...

BELOW: The medicine plates that have allowed his feet to heal. Most horses would have been put down with founder this severe. We just couldn't look into that face and do that to him...we knew he would let us know if he didnt want to fight anymore, and if he did, we would allow him to go peacefully and with dignity surrounded by the human family that loves him.

That moment hasn't come yet!

Mattie is a learning experience, his condition has gone from horrific and causing him to lay down 18 hours a day to him functioning like a normal horse. Well, as normal as he can be for being spoiled rotten and doted on constantly!

And we didnt need millions of dollars to save him...just the love and kindness of our Angel Acres supporters and the kindness and compassion of one farrier.


1 comment:

kneadstoknow said...

What a GREAT blog, Jo! Congratulations.

As one of Mattie's "moms", I was thrilled to read about his progress. I have his picture on my wall, and see him each day, and send him horsie kisses and prayers. I know he is going to make a full recovery. You have done such a great job with him, and... he loves you so much. I spoke with him yesterday and he told me about that!!

All the best to you on your blog, and thanks for ALL the work you do.

Love ya,

Jo (Mattie's Co- Mommy)