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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Winner Is....

Hi Everyone!

Well...the raffle was drawn this evening...big thanks to Brian for being our willing victim, er participant, for our raffle know how we can get at Angel Acres...a bit silly after our bed times! LOL!

Read on...

This is 9:30 this evening we wrangled Brian to come over and pull out the winning raffle slip...

This is Brian getting ready to pull the slip and wondering just what the heck he had gotten into...did I forget to mention we were taking pics?!

Brian is reaching in to pull the winning raffle slip....which we had THOROUGHLY mixed around...notice the lovely array of hand decorated horse shoes! LOL!

Brian eyes the winning raffle ticket...hhhmmmm...."do I know this person?" he might be

The lucky Angel Acres winner is...Dody Burger!!!

Congrats Dody!

We blurred your number...we didnt want you to be over-run with adoring fans! LOL!!

Seriously everyone who stopped by to say hello and chat, buy a horse shoe, drop a few dollars in our donation jar or just in passing told us you think we are doing a great job...from all of us at Angel Acres...we thank you!

Jo, Patty, Fran, Jackie and the entire Angel Acres gang!

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