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Monday, September 22, 2008

From 550th to 9th place!! WOO HOO!


Well...our readers and supporters and adopters have really stepped up to the plate to help us!

We are in 9th place in the points...some people have written to ask how they can earn more points once they sign is below is taken directly from the web site.

Your continued activity, as listed below, helps us to gain points, shows support for our rescue, and will help get Angel Acres to the semi finals!!



"How activity and status work on Zootoo
Using Zootoo (writing reviews, discussing news, or even trying a free sample) rewards you with points. Points on Zootoo help you increase your status and gain benefits (e.g. free samples).

How to get points:

Refer a Friend
50 points
Use our "invite friends" link. Email validation from your friend is required

Write a Journal
15 points
Limited to 2 journal entries per day

Upload a Video
25 points
Limited to 3 video uploads per day

Profile Photo
25 points
Add or update your Profile Photo during the makeover. 1 time only

Write a Review
20 points
Limited to 3 reviews per day

Upload a Photo
15 points
Limited to 5 photo uploads per day

Comment on News
5 points
Limited to 5 news discussions per day

Answer a Question
4 points
Limited to 1 answer per day

Vote on Pet War
1 point
Limited to 5 votes per day

Q. Why are you putting limits on points at all?
A. We feel that it's better for pets if we emphasize quality instead of quantity. The limits only apply to gaining points, specifically in the interest of encouraging quality content and contributions to zootoo.

Q. Are you limiting the number of times I can do activities on zootoo, or just how many points per day I can earn?
A. No activities are limited on zootoo, we are just limiting the daily earning of points."

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