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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday..


Well, its the beginning of another week here at Angel Acres. We have been working non-stop on the shoe store...I was up till 2am last night and back up at 8am to get the shoes uploaded and the descriptions added. We have also uploaded most of them to Google. We will be sending out a newsletter in the next day or so., as I am hear working my fingers to the bone...the engine kitten, Miss Fancy Pants, sleeps soundly next to me. What is an "engine kitten" you ask? Read on...

The kitten hitched a ride in Chucks truck engine and rode up and down I-83 for several hours before Chuck found her...he thought she was being burned (she wasnt thank goodness) and he grabbed her off the engine and she bit him and clawed him in we had to keep her (once she was wrangled ever so gently from his truck) inside for quarantine, and she hasnt left. MISS FANCY PANTS go OUTSIDE? Oh, I dont think so, she is spoiled rotten and sleeps next to her Daddy (Greg) every night!


And her partner in crime...Baby Dumpling AKA Doos!

How come I never get to sleep like that!?

Nite nite everyone!


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