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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Janey & Nemo


Janey and Nemo have gone to their new home! Lisa was interested in Nemo the pony and liked him, but wanted to bring out her husband Don to meet him.

Well...Janey decided she was going to make a play for Don's attention! She started nuzzling him the moment he got close to her...and the rest, as they say is history. Janey is still underweight (she came into the rescue in REALLY poor condition), and both Lisa & Don know adopting her is a labor of love. They will continue the routine she is on now and we are certain she will continue to thrive and gain weight and become the healthy and strong girl she used to be under their loving care!

When they came to pick them up today they were waiting in the stalls, patiently. The MINUTE Janey heard Don's voice she immediately perked up, ears up and turned toward him. Neither really wanted to its always difficult for the horses to leave the safety of the rescue, but they will be taken care of amazingly well!

BELOW: Janey and her new Daddy, Don!

Janey and new Mom, Lisa...loading like a pro!

Pics of the pony didn't turn out, but will post when I get some from Don & Lisa.

Big Thanks To Lisa and Don for giving this sweet girl and adorable pony a second chance at life!



Voice for the Voiceless said...

Congrats Lisa And Don! I know that these to are in the best home out there!!!!!!!!!

I told you Jo I would get that Pony adopted... LOL


Jo Deibel said...

Hey Miss Brandi,

Thank you for checking out our blog! You know you are our absolute favorite humane officer...ever!!